The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom war was so cruel that all four anhui provincial governors died in battle

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The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom War is regarded as the most brutal war in the history of the world, with tens of millions of casualties. Not only soldiers on both sides but also a large number of civilians died in the war, and many officials also died in the line of duty.The worst hit are Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.Anhui, in particular, as an important base of taiping Army, had four governors killed in battle.I. Jiang Wenqing.Jiang Wenqing is the Han army is white banner, in the Taiping Rebellion, anhui governor.Taiping army occupied Wuchang, downstream east.He was carried out of the city by his family and met the Taiping army. He was then killed. He became the first anhui governor to die in battle during the Taiping War.Second, Zhou Tianjue.Zhou Tianjue was a veteran general. When the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom revolted, he was already eighty years old. He was the governor of Guangxi province and led his troops to fight against the Taiping Army.After the Taiping army left Guangxi, Zhou Tianjue was in Suzhou, Anhui province, under orders to organize resistance with Anhui Governor Jiang Wenqing.After Jiang wenqing died, Zhou Tianjue took over as governor of Anhui.After the fall of Nanjing, Zhou Tianjue had proposed that the Yellow River should be strictly guarded to prevent taiping troops fleeing north.Soon, Zhou Tianjue resigned as governor, only to the department of war servant position, division pursuit of northern Anhui Twist army.Later, he was ordered to support Luzhou and died in the army.Third, Jiang Zhongyuan.Jiang Zhongyuan is a juren background, because of the organization of league training, suppression of the heaven and Earth hui Lei Zaihao uprising and obtained a county magistrate.After the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom uprising, Jiang Zhongyuan led 500 Chu yong to Guangxi to assist in the battle of Suoyidu in Quanzhou, which severely damaged the Taiping army. Feng Yunshan, the southern king of taiping Heavenly Kingdom, was shot to death.Later, Jiang Zhongyuan had been pursuing the Taiping army in the Yangtze River valley. He had held nanchang for more than 90 days and failed the taiping army’s attack on Nanchang.Jiang Zhongyuan was promoted to the post of anhui provincial governor. The Taiping army laid siege to Wuchang. Jiang Zhongyuan went to reinforce the taiping army and defeated it.Later, when the Taiping army was besieging Luzhou, Hu Yuanwei, the governor of Luzhou, asked Jiang Zhongyuan for help. Jiang Zhongyuan led two thousand people to Luzhou.Luzhou had only three thousand soldiers and horses, and was short of provisions. It was besieged by taiping troops, so it was only a matter of time before it was captured.But Jiang zhongyuan was determined to hold fast.But Hu Yuanwei chose to fornicate taiping army and opened the gate.Jiang Zhongyuan was attacked on both sides and was still fighting bloody battles. He suffered seven wounds and finally chose to die in the ancient pond.Fourth, Mengqun Li.Li Mengqun, jinshi background, guangxi lingchuan county magistrate, Guiping county magistrate, Nanning governor.During his term of office, he resolutely suppressed the guangxi Tiandi Hui uprising and the Taiping Army, and captured the leader of the Tiandi Hui rebel army alive.Li Mengqun later led the water yong defected to the Hunan Army, and peng Yulin and others led the Water division of the Hunan Army, broke the Taiping army Tianjia Town, Banbi Mountain defense line, and recovered Wuchang and Hanyang.In 1857, the Taiping army occupied all parts of northern Anhui and joined the Twisting army.Li Mengqun rate of two thousand five hundred Xiang Yong, anhui, after temporary acting governor.Later, Luzhou fell, Li Mengqun was dismissed from his post and stationed near the Great Wall.In 1859, seventy thousand taiping troops besieged the Great Wall. Li Mengqun stood firm for more than ten days, but was finally breached. Li Mengqun was captured, refused Chen Yucheng’s advice to surrender, and was later killed.As early as five years ago, after the fall of Wuchang, Li Mengqun’s father, Li Qinggu, a security envoy in Hubei, was killed by the Taiping army.Father and son died in the war. It’s really tragic.