The third year of the year, “red dog Day”, remember “4 bogey 1 eat 2 do not touch”

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Today is the third day of the New Year, keep wang Food Ann to continue to sort out the customs and habits during the Spring Festival for everyone, the third day of the New Year is a small dynasty, also known as “red dog day”, in the third day of the New Year some taboo or a lot of.Respect for traditional culture and customs, so that the New Year is more flavor, so that life is happy, day over the more prosperous.The custom of the third day of the first lunar month can be summed up as “4 avoid 1 eat 2 do not touch”, what does it mean?Visiting relatives and friends: The third day of the lunar New Year is “Red Dog Day”. According to legend, red dog is the god in control of summer. In the old custom, the third day of the first lunar month is the day for offering sacrifices to it.2, avoid killing pigs: Han Dongfang Shuo’s “old account”, that eight days after the old, one day for chicken, two days for dogs, three days for pigs, four days for sheep, five days for cattle, six days for horses, seven days for great men, eight days for grain.If it is a sunny day, it breeds, but if it is cloudy, it does not prosper.So the offspring along its xi, that the first day to the tenth day are sunny weather, no wind no snow for the auspicious.This is also later people do not kill chickens on the first day, do not kill dogs on the second day, do not kill pigs on the third day……The first source of the custom of not executing people on the seventh day.Therefore, killing pigs is taboo on the third day of the first lunar month, implying the prosperity of livestock.3, avoid light: according to legend, the third day of the first month is the day when mice marry, so taboo light disturb mouse marry, people have to go home early to turn off the lights to rest, but also spread some food into the corner of the house to share with mice, to avoid in the New Year mice spoil food.4, “three not dry” : in the folk, people call the third day of the first month “Tianqing Day”, also called “xiao Nian Dynasty”.On this day to observe the custom has been handed down, do not sweep the floor, do not receive fire, do not draw water, commonly known as the “three dry”.Eat leek box: as the saying goes, “Turn home on the third day of the Lunar New Year”, which means “to make money” and expresses people’s yearning for a rich and beautiful life.Do not touch 1, do not eat rice: the third day of the Chinese New Year is the birthday of paddy, also known as “Grain Day Festival”.So on this day, people are praying for good weather and good harvest, is not to eat rice and millet, as the old saying goes, “the first day of the first two dumplings, the third box to go home”, on the third day of the first month, it is best to eat leek box to good luck and wealth!2, do not eat pork: the third day do not kill pigs is the custom of age, so in the third day of the first month taboo pig, meaning six livestock prosperity.# New Year ## New Year flavor ## custom # Pay attention to watch food Ann, you will get the latest original information!For the health of the family, you are welcome to comment and forward moments!