“This is cultural confidence, this is very Chinese”

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“24 solar terms countdown creative too cattle” “how lucky, born in China”…The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games was successfully held in the National Stadium known as the Bird’s Nest on The evening of February 4.At the beginning of the opening ceremony, the countdown design of the 24 solar terms showed the extensive and profound Chinese culture to the world, which was highly praised by netizens.Feb 4 falls on Start of Spring, one of China’s 24 solar terms.The beginning of Spring is the first of the 24 solar terms. “Li” means “beginning” and “spring” means warmth and vitality.Start of Spring indicates the end of winter and the return of spring, from which all things are renewed and full of vitality.The start of Spring marks the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which means friends around the world welcome a new spring together.In the countdown, rain, awakening of Insects, vernal equinox…The Chinese and English names of the 24 solar terms appear one by one against the backdrop of the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven and other magnificent Chinese landscapes and cultural landscapes.When the countdown came to 1, it was the beginning of Spring.The countdown process is also integrated into the ancient poetry, such as rain water solar term of the ancient poetry is “the wind into the night, moistening things silently”, spring equinox solar term of the ancient poetry is “spring as a guest, as soon as the arrival of prosperity”, Qingming solar term of the ancient poetry is “Qingming festival rain”…Such a creative countdown design is very beautiful, the perfect combination of Traditional Chinese culture and modern aesthetics, showing the long history of Chinese culture, strengthen the majority of netizens’ cultural confidence, in the network platform received numerous praise.”It’s so creative and beautiful. It’s cultural confidence. It’s very Chinese!””The countdown to the opening ceremony is also to show the world our motherland’s beautiful mountains and rivers!”Some netizens look forward to: “The circulation of the four seasons, all new things, together to the future!”Another user exclaimed: “China has 24 solar terms, today is February 4, this is the 24th Winter Olympics, I love my motherland!In addition to the countdown creative attracted numerous praise, the field guide’s tiger hat and “Snow Chinese knot” guide card, “model” clothing paper-cut, New Year pictures, etc., also reflect the rich Chinese cultural elements, left a deep impression on the netizens.