A boy in Anhui province broke down and cried to save his father after he was told his father had died

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An eight-year-old son broke down in tears when he learned of his father’s death. His mother’s reaction was heartbreaking.In a family in Lu ‘an, Anhui province, a little boy’s father died because of illness, the mother has been deliberately hiding the child.Finally, the mother decided to tell her son the truth, considering that keeping it a secret was not an option when he was about to turn nine.Her voice broke as she told her child that Daddy had passed away, seventy-five days after he left us.The child broke down and cried in his mother’s arms.He kept saying he wanted to save dad, let the doctor take my bone marrow, I’m not afraid of pain.I’m going to the hospital to get dad. I want to get dad back.And this time mother can only mouth repeatedly sorry, mother and son two people hold their heads and cry.Emotions have also reached an edge.Two people in this moment comfort each other, each other redemption.Netizens burst into tears: “My mother’s reaction is so heart-breaking, a family has lost their breadwinner, how heart-breaking it is.I hope the mother and the baby can get over it soon. I’m sure everything will be fine.””Mother and son alone in this world must be strong, I believe that dad will be in heaven to protect and protect you.””Any comfort is futile. Only you can understand the pain in your heart at such a time. When you get through this, I believe there is light waiting for you both.”Xiaobian feel that such things are really very sad, but this time other people’s comfort is not listen to, or to learn to be strong.I hope this little boy can get out of the haze as soon as possible. As a parent, we should pay more attention to the psychological problems of our children.Time is not a healer, but it heals many wounds.