Bing Dwen Dwen Xue Rong Rong made her big screen debut in the animated film “Our Winter Olympics”, which was released nationwide

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Hebei Daily news (reporter Tian tian) February 19, the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee franchise animation film “our Winter Olympics” nationwide public screening.High-profile mascots Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rongrong make their big screen debut in a multi-chapter story about unity, dreams, courage and hard work, joining hands with a number of classic Chinese animated characters.The poster of the animated film “Our Winter Olympics”.Film producers for figure “our games” directed by Lin Yongchang, Li Haoling, ZhuangHao, QuQiang joint, tells the story of the Beijing Olympic mascots ice mound mound and winter paralympic games mascot snow melt, and the great heaven “bears” and so on animation works hero hand linkage, experience with ice and snow sports, the sports spirit of solidarity to forge ahead of the story.The animated film consists of four chapters: Snow Rose, Winter Holiday in September, Tigress’s Strange Dream and The Monkey King.The animated characters in the film include not only the Monkey King, Xiong Da, Xiong Er, and A strong bald head, but also calabash Boy, Black Cat Sheriff, Snow Child, Ne Zha, and Tutu with big ears.With cute ice and snow, and Chinese animation stars, “Our Winter Olympics” is a gift for the Chinese animation industry during the Beijing Winter Olympics.According to Wang Yu-jen, the film’s chief producer, Bing Dwen dwen plays a 40% part in the film, and he and Xue Rong-rong play an important role in the film, which leads to dozens of classic animation characters, which gather animation IP from different eras, different styles and different audiences. It can be called a “General Animation of China”.”Through the form of Bing Dandan Dwen, Xue Rong Rong and their friends, we hope to gather some excellent Chinese animation images to show the good outlook of the contemporary Chinese animation industry.”Wang yu – jen said.In addition, the film has not only the passion of modern ice and snow sports, but also the imprint of Traditional Chinese folk customs and culture.It is reported that the film recreates shichahai, Jiulongbi, Jingshan, Beihai and old Hutong in miniature landscape. These old Beijing features and modern buildings such as the “Bird’s Nest” reflect each other.”We have incorporated more Chinese cultural elements in the film, including the hutongs of old Beijing, tanghulu and allegro, hoping to better integrate ice and snow sports with traditional Chinese culture.””Said Li Haoling, one of the film’s directors.It is reported that the film has received strong support from IP producers such as Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio, with a total of 1300 animation people involved in the film creation, making the film able to integrate CG animation, traditional puppet stop-motion animation and other diversified forms of expression, showing the tolerance of Chinese culture, forge ahead and confidence.After the screening on Feb 19, one parent shared his feelings: “The plot of the film is educational and can inspire children to move forward bravely. It is perfect for parents to bring their children to watch.””Even my favorite black cat sheriff and gourd baby appeared in the film, a little surprise, a little touched!”