China speed!China’s first gold!

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China won the gold medal on the first gold medal day of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kecin and Qu Chunyu led the Chinese team across the finish line in the short-track speed skating mixed team relay final on Sunday night to win the first gold medal for the Chinese delegation at this Winter Olympics.The mixed team short-track relay is one of seven new events added to the Beijing Olympics.China has won two gold, one silver and one bronze MEDALS in this event in four World Cups this season, and is seen as the favorite to win gold at the Winter Olympics.This is wu Dajing’s second consecutive Winter Olympics gold medal, but also ren Ziwei, Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu’s first time on the Olympic champion’s podium.Short-track speed skating has contributed 11 of China’s 14 gold MEDALS so far.Whether the “main force”, or ready to play “substitute”, are our heroes!Debut of Chinese short track speed skating team!The Chinese short track speed skating team made its Olympic debut tonight in the women’s 500-meter heat at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Fan Kexin of China ranked first in group 2 and qualified smoothly with a time of 43.275 seconds.China’s Zhang Yuting and Qu Chunyu ranked second in their group respectively and advanced smoothly.All three Chinese women will advance, keep up the good work!In the men’s 1000m short-track speed skating preliminary of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Wu Dajing and Ren Ziwei of China ranked first in their group and easily qualified.China’s Li Wenlong ranked third in her group and also advanced!All three men are through. Keep it up!Ren Ziwei in the competition Wu Dajing in the competition Li Wenlong in the competition together cheer for The Chinese short track speed skating team!On February 5, 1964, the Central Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China issued the Notice on transmitting the Report of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry on the Situation of the Daqing Oil Battle, pointing out that the experience of the Daqing oil field is not only applicable to the industrial sector, but also to other sectors, or can be used for reference.The “Study Daqing in Industry” campaign was launched throughout the country.On February 20, 1960, the CENTRAL Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China approved the proposal of the Leading Party Group of the Petroleum Ministry to “concentrate all possible forces in the petroleum system to wage a grand battle by means of annihilation”, and decided to concentrate forces on the great battle of petroleum exploration and development in the Daqing region.Starting in May 1960, the daqing oilfield was developed after more than three years of hard work by pooling manpower and material resources from petroleum departments throughout the country.By 1963, the oil output of Daqing oilfield reached 6 million tons, and the state investment had been fully recovered. Besides, a large amount of funds had been accumulated for the state, and an oil industry team with certain technical accomplishment, organization, discipline and ability to bear hardships and stand hard work had been developed. Wang Jinxi, the “iron man”, was an excellent representative of this team.Compiling album | zhang Heng Heng school whose | Jiang Xiaoming to source | Beijing youth comprehensive since the China news service (ID: CNS1952), People’s Daily client (text/li Yang photography / 巩晗 Lelouch), CCTV news to the client