Chinese stock market: the more rich people, the more “ruthless” to themselves, the more successful the stock market

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Once, the god of stock Buffett in my cognition is only a very excellent investment skills elite, private think he in addition to investment philosophy and Wall Street elites are not the same, in life and work are extremely luxurious.It wasn’t until I saw the documentary “Becoming Warren Buffett” that I got a better sense of him.Although the family is very good, but Buffett began to earn pocket money from an early age, but also insisted on saving the first bucket of gold to buy stocks.In the decades since, buffett’s wealth has skyrocketed thanks to his investment skills, once ranking second only to Bill Gates on the Forbes list of the world’s richest people.But even so, he has not been profligate, but has always adhered to the principles of minimalism and frugality.For decades, he bought a McDonald’s sandwich for a few bucks every morning on his way to work. In bad times, he ate the $2.61 sandwich; in good times, he ate the $3.17 sandwich.For more than 60 years, he lived in the same old house he bought in 1958 for $31,500. It wasn’t a mansion, it had only five rooms, and he never thought of trading him for anything.Never a luxury car, he was willing to buy a reduced-price car, and when the documentary was shot, he was driving a regular Cadillac sedan that had been around for years.And the rest of the money, he invested part of it, the other part of it as a sufficient cash flow to invest.Some people say that the richer a person is, he never flaunts himself with luxuries. He is simple and simple all over, and he cannot tell that he is rich at all.And those who have a little, but not much, are always trying to improve their status with all kinds of luxuries.Zhejiang is famous for its rich, almost every rural household small mansions.Poor, as they are called, is nothing more than a villa, a small factory and an Audi.I thought they were all in the family until someone said, “How many people are born rich?”I mean, it’s all about digging and making money.The truly rich pay attention to the control of wealth, they know it is not easy to make money, for them, the more assets, the faster the growth.Therefore, they will never underestimate small money, but will be hard to make money, use money to make money.The harder you are on yourself, the more successful you are in stock investing. Challenging humanity is the biggest difficulty in stock investing. Learning to trade stocks is like learning to lose weight.Whoever can be harder on themselves will succeed.People who invest more energy in stocks and are more willing to reflect on their own problems are more likely to succeed.Most people are lazy to study and think, research, but dream of making a lot of money in the stock market.Laziness, arrogance, quick success and instant profits, short-sightedness and other human weaknesses are the biggest obstacles in people’s stock investment.If there is a secret to investing in stocks, it must be “challenging humanity”.People who make money in the stock market over time don’t do it because they have some investment secret.What they have is more painstaking efforts than ordinary people, more holding patience, more firm investment will just.”If you can stay in the stock market for 10 years, you should keep making money.If you endure twenty years, your experience will be of great value;If you survive thirty years, you must be extremely rich.”We should fully understand the market, fully understand their own ideas and actions as close to the market as possible, once wrong, they should have the courage to assume responsibility, especially repeatedly do not change, to their own to be strict, ruthless, necessary punishment.The market is the biggest market in the world. It has its own rules of operation, independent of people’s will, and cannot be changed by anyone. Policies and other factors can only have a temporary impact, not a long-term impact.We small scattered must do everything possible to make their ideas and actions to adapt to the market, follow the market, and make friends with the market, everything is subject to the market, everything to the market has the final say, wrong correct, to insist.In actual combat investment, “ruthless” is a special need of character.”Ruthless” is that after identifying the trend of the market and the stock, do not do the piecemeal investment like a hammer and a stick, but the target locked in a limited number of stocks and equal positions attack, that is, when the opportunity is mature, the whole body flapping, leaving no larger room.And when think shipment opportunity arrives, also can complete warehouse exit completely, there is no need to carry on what “batch reduce warehouse”.Because the so-called “diversification” in the advent of the market, the fact that more is to spread profits, after all, we are human, not god, can not “take care of” too many stocks at the same time;In addition, if the stock we hold fluctuates, we may be in a bad mood and make the wrong decision to operate.And the intervention of a few (or even one) stocks, then the intervention of stocks must be considered by us, or simply “old”, even if there is a “bumpy” is still in our expectation, will not be easily the main “wash” out.Continuous trading limit there are two kinds of stock continuous trading limit: the fundamentals of the company suddenly appear to change.For instance, some company appears in annual report or in report amazing achievement, make the investment value of this unit is suddenly able to highlight, appear the circumstance of continuous daily limit board thereby.See Figure 1.This belongs to the hot spot breed of market hype, plus its current dish is lesser, become banker to control dish extremely easily object.The after-market trend of stock of ceaseless limit has 3 kinds commonly: after brief change hand continues to rise rapidly;Blocked after the stage horizontal collation, and then up;Stage peak fall.For investors, when their shares continue to rise, they face the problem of when to get out of the market, because they tend to lose some profits if they sell too early.Leaving it too late often leads to an elevator ride.After the first limit appears when a stock, investors should observe the speed and strength of the limit, and then make the choice to hold or throw out.If a stock quickly rises by the daily limit in the morning, investors can sell it at the first sign of opening.Investors also want to analyze the situation when trading limits open, sometimes be quickly sealed after opening board, still can hold right now;On the contrary, after opening can not enter the daily limit, then should be taken to meet the method of weight loss to grasp the daily limit of 3 trick: resonance gold fork when average, MACD and trading volume resonance of the formation of gold fork, when the 5 average line and 10 average line form gold fork, the amount of energy line gold fork up.And MACD on the 0 axis of the formation of a gold fork, such a form of stock is called a three-line gold fork, at this time to buy a stock, the late will rise.Denggao Wangyuan stock price in the early 3 over the limit, in the limit after two trading days, two parallel Yang line, and the two Yang line has certain requirements.The first root Yang line or more than 5 points, at the same time the volume of amplification, the second root Yang line is low open, at the same time the volume of reduction.N word start stock price rises in the market, after reaching a certain height, the stock price appears to adjust, rise with callback must be times quantity, form with “”N word” form stock, in “N word “start stage, buy stock, later period must have big earnings!By investing in stocks, you get more or less into this habit of thinking.Novice fear fall, veteran fear rise, I used to hate short, now fear long, especially the kind of crazy pull of the vote.What’s more, profit and loss are the same. You’ll lose back what you earned.So at this point, there is no master, other people just maintain a high degree of consistency.I used The Guide Star 15 years ago, and it had a lot of formulas, and the longer you play it, the closer you get to the formula being invalid.The same is true in social life.If man had found a very stable law to profit from, God would have broken it and played a second card, probability, to create a new equilibrium.Why the stock market is 7 deficient 2 even 1 earn, because such structure just is balanced.If someone told you that your chances of winning the jackpot were 99 percent, would you be happy?In fact, there is no happy, although only one percent of the probability, but if that one percent happens to you, for you also 100 percent.So stock position control is very important, that is, to be conservative.Feel fry longer, courage is smaller, full warehouse this kind of thing is very few.When I first started playing, it was all in and out.This entrepreneurial friends pay more attention to, do not always shuttle ha, the boat in the gutter to go to many things.Global thinking stock no matter how good, plate is not false, plate no matter how good, the market is not durable.So, you’re great, you might as well stay in a great company, the company is great, you might as well choose a great industry.Cycle thinking up and down cattle and bears do not go to find reasons, just go with the trend, up for a long time is bound to fall, down for a long time is bound to rise.In other words, China’s economy should also fall, after all, after 30 years of growth, the earth’s resources are not enough.I this uncle take the initiative from this year began to change profession, fry of know, bear up words three plates good, take medicine drink take a knife.A person’s whole life however more than 70 years K line and oneself, I hope the year of old age K line innovation high, ha ha.Do the right thing at the right time.It sounds like the right kind of nonsense, and for investing, there are different strategies at different times: hold stocks in the bull market, short positions in the bear market.Very simple, but not everyone can understand or do it.Position control is very important.Chinese stock market bull short bear long, how to maintain profits in the bear market is particularly important, only in the down market control position, in order to make a lot of money in the future uptrend.Fundamental analysis and technical analysis are just tools.Basic analysis works, technical analysis works, depending on how you use it.Pay more attention to the technical trend of stocks in the bull market, you can not care so much about the fundamentals of the company;In a bear market, focus more on fundamentals and less on technical stuff.Fundamentally, fundamental analysis and technical analysis are just tools, depending on how you use them.Investing is easy and hard!Simple, can be simple to their own doubts about the original money can really lie to earn;Difficult, because it is difficult to understand the logic of the market, it is difficult to control their own behavior.I wish Stockholders can realize their dreams in the stock market.Come on!