“Dad, I saw you in the telescope again today…”

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Telescope to see dad “good Jiayi, don’t look, come to eat.”Feb. 14, in a residential building, a girl is looking into the distance with binoculars, because she was too absorbed in watching, the girl did not hear her mother’s call.Girl looked at the direction, there is a roof such as wild goose flying building, the top of the building impressively wrote “Hengyang East” three words.The girl, ouyang Jiayi, is 6 years old. The telescope was a gift from her father on her birthday.Jiayi’s father is Hengyang railway public security Hengyang East station police station director Ouyang Jun.Originally dad promised to take her to hengshan to see the rime, can start the Spring Festival transport, dad and put into the tense work, travel plan temporarily stranded.Because the home is closer to hengyang East high-speed railway station, but also the top floor, Jiayi can see hengyang East station with a telescope.Sometimes, Jiayi can see his father patrolling outside the station;Sometimes she could only see her uncles dressed like her father.Whenever see dad, Jiayi are particularly happy, gradually, she fell in love with the “find dad” game.”Dad!Dad!I see Dad!”Suddenly, Jiayi excitedly shouted.Looking along the direction of the telescope, Hengyang East station off the platform, a team of police are carrying out patrols, the strong man is jiayi father Ouyang Jun.Hengyang East station passenger flow pressure, in order to ensure stable station security, smooth line, as the director, Ouyang Jun must be on duty 24 hours a day.”This year’s Spring Festival travel rush coincides with the Beijing Winter Olympics, so there is a lot of security pressure. Not only me, but also my colleagues in the institute insist on being on duty and we all celebrate the holiday together.”Ouyang jun said.During the Spring Festival, hengyang East station peak average daily passenger flow of 50,000 people.Every morning after the shift meeting, the Ouyang troops would rush to the station area and patrol with the police.The station is crowded with people, ranging from lost children and old people to conflicts between passengers, to lost mobile phones and the wrong luggage, receiving all kinds of requests for help every day.”No matter big or small, as long as the passengers, we are eager to help, this is our responsibility.”This is ouyang Jun often said to the police, but also his own requirements.At the scene after handling the size of the police situation and passengers to help back to the house is nearly noon, while the lunch time Ouyang Jun to his wife to make a video call.”Dad, I saw you again in the telescope today, when do you take me to see the rime?”As soon as the video was connected, the daughter’s voice was heard in the phone.Smiling as he heard his daughter’s voice, Ouyang had lunch with his wife and daughter across the video.After a simple lunch, Ouyang jun threw himself into the intense work.Night falls, Ouyang jun rushed to his protection of the Hengzhou police district.During the Spring Festival travel rush, whenever he is not on duty, he will come here to patrol with the police.In the cold winter, the style in the mountain is bitter and makes my face hurt.At 10 p.m., Ouyang jun, who was on patrol, received a text message from his wife: “The child is sleeping. Please be careful and go to bed early.”Seeing the message, Ouyang jun smiled and continued his patrol.The night is like ink, the moon is bright, travelers are dusty;Flashing lights, colorful shadows, reflecting the fireworks and reunion of the world.(Authors: Lu Xianghui, Yuan Meng, Wang Hong) Source: China Police Network