Depth: 8 straight losses, the nets next how to adjust?

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The Nets have lost eight in a row.Before I start talking about the nets’ eight-game losing streak, I want to post two sets of statistics: Harden played 2,948 minutes in 1.5 seasons with the Nets.Irving played 2,940 minutes in 2.5 seasons with the Nets.Since the formation of the Nets big three, the three combined for 16 games, a 13-3 record.Good record, but just not playing together.Nets eight consecutive defeat in the expected!The Nets are still talented this season, but they are a broken team.Durant was sidelined with a knee injury, Harden was sidelined with a strained left hamstring, and Irving played part-time and only on the road.Nash is a rookie coach who only fuck superstars.Now the team is so unfocused that even a first-round playoff run, let alone a championship, is in doubt.What should the Nets do to get out of their current situation?The first step is to get serious about the way Kyrie plays.Irving missed some regular-season games last season for no apparent reason.He refused to play this season because he was a voice for the unvaccinated.In order to get Owen back on the court.The Nets eventually gave in and let Irving attend all road games on a part-time basis.Because Irving doesn’t play at home, Nash will have to field different lineups home and away from home.In the long run, not only did the roster fail to fit together, but there were complaints among the players.Over time, there was a split in the nets.A team without cohesion is doomed to lose the championship.The Nets look like stars, but they don’t have a real leader.What is a team leader?It’s about standing up for your players and leading your teammates to win.Durant is good, but he’s not the leader of the team, or he wouldn’t turn his back on The way Irving plays.Do you think Irving would still have the same attitude if he played alongside Lebron James or if Pat Riley was the heat’s GM?”If you can hit the vaccine, hit it well. If you can’t hit it, pack your bags and leave.”That’s probably what the entire Nets would like to say to Irving.But the nets general manager didn’t say that, Steve Nash didn’t say that, Kevin Durant didn’t say that, and the rest of the players had to sulk.Griffin’s frontcourt rebound against the Nuggets, when he ignored Irving’s call for the ball and threw it to Mills, said it all.If the nets want to go on the road to win the championship, the first thing is to start from Owen, strict military discipline.Secondly, the nets should make changes in the overall playing style.The reason why the Nets achieved good results in the early part of the season was that their offensive end used star singles, pick-and-rolls and inside cuts, and Harden feeding the cake inside to complete the offense.Defensive end is the use of speed change defense, supplement defense to make up for the weak inside to improve the overall defensive strength.This offense has talent, defense has hard nets, is bound to win the game in a short period of time.But in the long run, it has hidden dangers for players’ health.Durant, Joe Harris, Harden, Aldridge, Clarkston have been injured, let the Nets appeared a lack of soldiers major situation.Little do they know that these seemingly accidental injuries are caused by the initial high-intensity confrontation.Durant and Irving are the best scorers in the league today.No matter who is in front of them, they can use their incomparable attacking ability to score goals.This style of play can help a team win at the end of a game, but if you play like this from the start, you end up playing with four players.In the long run, there will be less cooperation between players and no motivation to play.What’s more, Durant and Irving seldom create misplacement singles when attacking.Without the formation of dislocation singles, it is difficult to continue efficient attack rate.Look at the nets inside defense.Claxton is young and fast, and his main role is to defend the pick-and-roll and prevent opponents from penetrating the paint.Claxton doesn’t shoot, so he’s at his best when he’s on the court with Harden.Aldridge is versatile, tall, can shoot, can play back.Give him more opportunities to create singles, can play the role of tearing opponents inside.After aldridge draws double teams, he can also create more open scoring opportunities for his teammates.But Aldridge is slow and works best on the court with Durant, who, with his great wingspan and quickness of movement, can effectively cover inside.Griffin will get more minutes from Nash between Claxton and Aldridge, which will keep the Nets on the line on both ends of the floor.Durant’s jump shot, Irving’s penetration, harden’s rhythm all played a big part in the offense.But when it comes to walking without the ball, all three of them are good at it, or even can hardly do it.When the Heat won back-to-back titles in ’12 and’ 13, Lebron James and Dwyane Wade’s off-ball moves weren’t master-level, but they were part of the heat’s game.And the Big Three aren’t constantly moving to create open shots, except for regular dribbling.If Nash can adjust his players and get the big three to try to play without the ball, the Nets’ potential will be further explored.Finally, the Nets do not have the experience to build a championship team, which needs to learn from the successful cases of the Lakers and heat.The lakers won a championship in their first season with Jame.Unswervingly around Zhan Mei began to build a team.Although the team’s performance has not been satisfactory since then, it will be rebuilt around Zhan Mei whenever it loses.Since Pat Riley became the Heat’s general manager, an iron culture has been embedded throughout the team.Practice hard off the court, not on the court has become the entire heat label.They have the ability and experience to build a championship team.And the Nets?It’s just a gym on the edge of New York.Without Durant, who would watch a Nets game?Max as the General manager of the Nets, do the most successful operation is the introduction of Durant.Then Durant used his own unique personality charm, has recruited Griffin, Harden, Mills and a series of strength stars, formed the hot championship.The championship team has, but the nets management is not very good management.Lost in the Eastern Conference semifinals last year and has dropped out of the top six this year with eight straight losses.If Durant had joined the Heat, do you think the heat would have missed the finals?Harden is now suspicious of the Nets’ front office.If the nets’ front office continues to do nothing, brooklyn may not win its first championship in franchise history in recent years.Can Harden win a championship or not? Did he win it in the Nets?Let’s wait and see!