Guangming Daily’s front page focuses on Shandong province

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“Drip, drip…”Yan Hongyan mounted an electric bike, turned a switch and set off through the morning mist.He wanted to “patrol” around the fields of the whole village of North Zhaojia village.Early spring season, sleeping a winter wheat seedlings stretch stretch stand up, like in welcome his “review”.Looking at the green wheat seedlings, Yan Hongyan heart happy, eyes did not dare to slip away.Because he is not only the secretary of the Party branch of North Zhaojia Village, Xinyang Town, Wudi County, Binzhou City, Shandong Province, but also a “village chief”.”Going to the fields to ‘go around’ is an indispensable task for the field leader every week.”‘The main duty of the’ tian Chang ‘is to check the cultivation of plots in the village, and to detect and dissuade illegal activities that illegally occupy or destroy farmland and basic farmland,’ Yan said.The village has a total of 1,100 acres of farmland, all concentrated in the east of the village.Yan Hongyan is not a fast cyclist.Where there was shelter, he stopped his motorbike and looked.Far away, dimly see in front of someone busy in the field.”Come on, let’s go and have a look!Yan hongyan said.They came near.It turned out to be a farming farmer in the village is collecting soil.Yan Hongyan hurriedly past to stop: “this soil can not move!””I don’t use much earth just to line the animals with dung.””Defended the farmer.Yan hongyan said, “No.You dig a piece, the an dig a piece, this land return zha kind?Besides, it’s illegal. What are the rules and regulations of our village?But don’t fool around!”Under his earnest persuasion, the villager was convinced and soon restored the farmland to its original appearance.”Not only do they take soil from the ground, but they also plant trees.”Yan Hongyan told reporters that some villagers feel that grain is not valuable, in the basic farmland to plant trees, went out to work.”In such cases, we call the owner and ask him to restore the land.Permanent basic farmland should not be planted with trees, but with food crops. This red line should not be crossed.”More than an hour later, Yan Hongyan circled the village fields, put the electric car in the village courtyard, and returned to the office to fill in the inspection records.”When this’ long field ‘is before the end of the matter.”Yan hongyan said.In November 2020, Wudi County took the lead in the province in implementing the “field chief system” and established a three-level management system of county and village “field chief system” to solve the land resources management problems plaguing the county.On the bulletin board of the village committee, a signboard with the name, phone number and duties of the third-grade field manager is conspicuous.”You see above still have report telephone and supervise telephone, but can’t careless.”Yan Hongyan looked serious: “WE when the ‘field chief’, will bear the responsibility.”Now Yan hongyan has a new helper.”Last year, the county financial investment, in the key farmland concentration area to make dozens of ‘eye’, are high-definition cameras, 360 degrees without dead Angle.We will send information to us in a timely manner.””You can feel that people are more and more concerned about protecting farmland.”Yan hongyan said.(Guangming Daily)