Intangible Heritage paper-cut tribute to the Story behind the Winter Olympics

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Jia Yanmei is trimming the Winter Olympic-themed paper cut together for the Future.Jia Yanmei is seriously creating a long paper-cut scroll titled sino-Russian Style.The newspaper reporters Li yan perturbation shangqiu city non-material cultural heritage “folk multilayer paper-cut” representative inheritance people yan-mei jia is unique, the Great Wall, peony, tiger, ice mound mound elements such as skillfully fuses in together, made a picture of a diameter of 1 meter paper-cut “to the future” Beijing Olympics theme, is highly praised by the state related departments – recently,The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics have captured the world’s attention.Shangqiu city non-material cultural heritage “folk multilayer paper-cut” representative inheritance people yan-mei jia is unique, the magnificent Great Wall, delicate and charming peony, run of the tiger, secure a block of ice block elements such as skillfully fuses in together, made a picture of a diameter of 1 meter paper-cut “to the future” Beijing Olympics theme, is highly praised by the state related departments.Before the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Jia Yanmei was invited by relevant state departments to design paper-cut works related to the Winter Olympics.The Beijing Winter Olympics is not only an arena for ice sports, but also a window to showcase Traditional Chinese culture and cultural exchanges with other countries.How to skillfully combine the elements of the Winter Olympics with paper-cut art has become the problem of Jia Yanmei’s meditation.”At that time, I was in Zhengzhou after attending the provincial two sessions. I was quarantined according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements. I felt both happy and under great pressure to receive this assignment.”On February 9, Jia Yanmei was still very excited when she mentioned that she was invited to design paper-cut works related to the Winter Olympics.After careful design, a paper cutting idea with the theme of “Together towards the Future” became clearer and clearer in Jia Yanmei’s mind.”The central location is the Great Wall, surrounded by peony, our national flower, symbolizing the heyday of China;Another layer of ruyi moire interwoven together, good luck and other implied meaning, but also a symbol of the Chinese nation’s common destiny, heart to heart;The outer ring is eight running cute little tigers and eight lovely ice blocks, meaning to welcome guests from all sides, looking forward to the success of the Winter Olympics, together to the future.”Jia Yanmei around have interest to introduce.Jia Yanmei, who is in isolation, told her daughter Guo Qian, who graduated from the School of Art and Design of Shangqiu Normal University, to communicate her ideas.According to her mother’s description, Guo quickly used a computer to design a sample.”I was deeply attracted by my mother’s design. It turns out that paper-cutting works can be both traditional and fashionable.”Guo Qian said excitedly.The design draft was sent to the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was highly recognized and praised.Jia Yanmei is very happy, after lifting the isolation, she spent three days to complete the “Together to the Future” paper-cut work.With her excellent design concept, profound technical skills and good reputation in the field of Intangible cultural heritage, the relevant departments of the state have entrusted Jia Yanmei with an important task — designing and producing “national gifts” for the heads of state attending the Winter Olympic Games.This is not the first time Jia yanmei has designed a “national gift”.In 2015, Jia yanmei was assigned by the Henan Provincial Department of Culture to make paper-cuts for the portraits of state leaders attending the Shanghai Cooperation Summit in Zhengzhou.”Time is too tight, the time of 12 days, we have to finish three 7 meters long, 0.18 meters wide paper-cut scroll, theme is” Chinese flavor “Russian amorous feelings and customs between China and Russia, the request should not only embodies the Chinese culture and Russian culture, the element such as the Olympic mascots, works have the silhouette of the leaders of the two countries.”Jia yanmei said.As a visiting professor of The School of Art and Design of Shangqiu Normal University, Jia Yanmei quickly gathered more than ten teachers and students from the school’s paper cutting studio of visual Communication major to set up a working group and divide it into three groups to collect materials and design ideas.”The task was very meaningful. It was both a workout and a challenge for us,” jia said.We are all very motivated and confident to accomplish this task well.”After the acceptance of the design draft, Jia Yanmei called yucheng County Zhu Miao village paper-cut village cultural cooperative members together.Under the leadership of Jia Yanmei, we worked overtime and made joint efforts. In 12 days, we completed the design and production of the three works of “Chinese Style”, “Russian Style” and “Chinese and Russian Style”, and successfully completed the task.The three works are mainly in red and white, including Chinese elements such as the Great Wall and landmarks of China’s provinces, as well as Russian elements.”This is the Erqi Tower in Zhengzhou, the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, the Dayan Tower in Xi ‘an, with peonies, ballerinas and Russia’s famous traditional architecture…”A 7 – meter – long large paper – cut works slowly unfold, picturesque paper – cut works lifelike.Yan-mei jia, amorous feelings of the Chinese and Russian “paper-cut scroll to overall using international train between China and Russia as the main body, throughout the entire picture of the train window of the building and the scenery is train between China and Russia in the way to Beijing – ulan bator – Moscow site more famous scenery, give a person a kind of immersive feeling, but also reflects the cultural differences and architectural features.In the “Chinese and Russian Style,” Jia also subtly included portraits of the leaders of China and Russia against peonies and sunflowers, the national flowers of the two countries.Jia Yanmei was born in Yucheng County. She is 46 years old. She likes paper-cutting since childhood and often learns folk paper-cutting from her neighbors.When her peers still can not cut happy characters, she has been able to cut groups of animals and figures.With the continuous proficiency of her skills, she no longer satisfied with the traditional single-layer paper-cutting, and innovated the “layered superimposed paper-cutting method”, breaking through the traditional paper-cutting invariable plane mode, highlighting the three-dimensional sense, so that the expressiveness of paper-cutting has been well expanded.In 2009, Jia Yanmei’s paper-cut works reached three layers, completed the process of painting and cutting, and integrated painting techniques into paper-cut.In 2012, her freehand brushwork Works Mulan Joins the Army and Beauty in shangqiu reached seven layers.In 2014, she created “The Fruits,” which has 10 layers, for the first time in the country.Paper cutting is a very traditional art form, but adhering to tradition can not keep up with the development of The Times. Only when tradition and modernity are integrated, can intangible cultural heritage culture develop in a lasting way.”To become bigger and stronger paper-cutting cultural industry, last year, I established zhu temple village in hometown paper-cut rural cooperative culture, launch the left-behind women in the village, students join the paper-cut creation team, make the village farmyard paper-cutting workshops, paper-cut artist everyone become farmers, to promote a symbol of culture and rural prosperity.”Jia Yanmei said confidently.