Longyou county “a new round of 10 million consumer vouchers” to come, quick to rob cough up!

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Send welfare ~ to work as a whole new crown epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, to further boost market confidence, release the consumption potential, on February 10, longyou will carry out “three qu warm heart – Milky Way long out,” hui “julong tour” coupons issued, to longyou range of personnel (including outside to dragon), coupons issued 10 million yuan.When will it be sent?How much hair?How does it work?Xiaobian to answer for you!01 Release amount of 10 million RMB.Among them, about 1 million yuan is targeted consumption voucher, which is specially used to support the consumption of low-income groups.About 9 million yuan were e-coupons issued through the Longyoutong APP.Electronic consumption coupons will be released every day, from February 10, 2022 to March 20, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. every day, until the first time is finished.Voucher validity: 7 days.Open the Long Youtong APP, and enter the one-click ticket snatching page on the home page of “Three quzhou Warm Heart — Xinghe Changming Hui Ju Long Tour”.04 Scope of use Wholesale, retail, accommodation, catering business units to participate in the activity, the specific list of businesses see the next issue.Top of the list!How do you use it?The customer shows the qr code of the voucher to the merchant through the LongyouTong APP, and the merchant scans the QR code through the Longyoutong APP to cancel the voucher and offset the corresponding amount.The balance is paid in cash, flash payment, Alipay or wechat.Use rule coupons must be used at participating merchants.With a single purchase of 30 yuan or more, you can use the 10 yuan universal coupon at one time.With a single purchase of 80 yuan or more, you can use the 30 yuan universal coupon in one time.For a single purchase of 150 yuan or more, you can use the 50 yuan universal coupon.A single purchase is limited to one, and the coupon is non-change and cannot be reused.Are you sure you don’t want to grab such a good coupon?Alarm clock must be set in advance oh ~ (original manuscript, reprint please specify: “micro dragon tour”) graphic/county consumption promotion special class editor/Shao Mei Xia Xia Ruiying supervisor/Zhang Chengyue like, please look good!