Ningxia compiled and published the drug purchase price index for the first time

2022-07-16 0 By

Ningxia has released the drug purchase price index for 2019, 2020 and 2021, the first time ningxia has compiled and released the drug purchase price index, according to the Autonomous Region’s Public Resources Exchange Administration.Drug purchase price index as health care, medical and health undertakings, and the coordinated development of the pharmaceutical industry’s sensitive pointer, for the government and social all parties understand exactly the overall level of the drug price change trend, evaluate provides the reference for the practical effect of drug administration policy, by the relevant administrative department of the early warning and find that the price changes take effective measures to provide continuous dynamic information in a timely manner.Autonomous region public resources trading authority to establish professional technical team, in ningxia medical procurement platform 2018 incoming orders drugs for the base period data quantity, through the standardization sample selection and organization form on the expert’s demonstration sample listings, contrast completed in 2019, 2020, 2021 samples of drug purchase price index, the contribution rate calculation work,Formed a price index analysis report.The report shows that in the past three years, the overall level of drug purchase price in Ningxia has maintained a steady trend with a downward trend.Among them, the decline of western medicine was more significant, with a cumulative decline of 13.64% in three years, while the decline of Chinese patent medicine was narrower than that of western medicine, with a cumulative decline of 9.79% in three years.”The main reason for the decline of the price index is that the national centralized procurement policy with quantity was implemented in Ningxia. Through the implementation of the ‘integration of recruitment and procurement, procurement with quantity and price exchange with quantity’, the drug purchase price was effectively reduced and the drug burden of the people in Ningxia was reduced.”Autonomous region public resources trading administration social enterprise resources trading office relevant person in charge told reporters.”In the process of compilation, the standardized database of the whole chain of drug bidding, procurement, distribution and transaction of ningxia Pharmaceutical Procurement Platform played a great advantage.”A person in charge of the Public Resources Exchange Administration of The Autonomous Region introduced that the drug purchase price index showed the dynamic changes of drug price and supply, reflecting the overall picture of drug market supply in Ningxia under the guidance of policy.The index will continue to be released to the public.(Reporter Wang Rui)