Pandas not returned to China?Chinese experts uncover conspiracy behind BIZARRE comments by US lawmakers

2022-07-16 0 By

Huanqiu news, the 50th anniversary of Nixon’s visit to China, the United States Republican Congressman Maes initiated a proposal in the Congress, said to refuse to send pandas born in the United States back to China, and tried to incorporate the bill into the “American competition Law.”Her move is not out of love for pandas, but to antagonize China, which the US senator claims is part of an international propaganda campaign by Beijing to soften its image.She said the United States pays high rents to China and pandas born in the United States should stay there.It is reported that The US senator Mays is facing re-election pressure at the end of the year, so she is eager to discredit China and create a topic to win voters’ attention, but the giant panda stunt, to attack China’s behavior, may not only not be liked by voters, but also counterproductive.In 1972, China sent pandas Ling-Ling and Hsing-hsing to the United States as a goodwill gift. When the two pandas arrived at the zoo, 8,000 Americans greeted them in the rain. More than 20,000 people lined up to see them on the first day of their official meeting.This shows americans’ love for giant pandas.Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, A total of 23 pandas have been sent to China, but due to the scarcity of pandas, and there have been “acclimatize” problems during the trip.So China signed a new loan agreement to send a pair of healthy pandas to another country and, after 10 years of joint research, keep the offspring in China.It can not only meet the desire of people around the world to watch the giant panda, but also provide enough life guarantee for the giant panda.The US zoo had already signed an agreement with China before it received the pandas. It is not something that can be easily reversed by a simple sentence from the Congressman.”People around the world are very fond of pandas,” Singapore media said. “In western society, you can scold the president or others, but you should never say anything bad about pandas, otherwise you will be criticized by people who speak different languages.”Said a foreign expert in China, some American politicians will pandas as one of China’s international publicity, to a certain extent, this is showing a loss of confidence in the United States, because they think that China had a great effect on the giant pandas in the international, improve the soft power of China, to improve China’s image, it is based on this,The US wants to use the panda incident to suppress China and maintain its global hegemony.