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Guest fan to visit the family that I go to the occasionally deng tang, or intimate or distant.Cypress at the beginning of the row day drink, xin pan speed out of the other year.Greedily forgetful, greedily fearful.Along xi country wind most true rate, five hou Mackerel son a pot of incense.In ancient times, from the beginning of the first month together to the fifteenth day of the first month, relatives and friends walk around each other, each with hospitality, baizi wine, spicy dishes, should be the festival food.This poem by Fan Laizong, a poet in Suzhou, is about the situation of having dinner with guests. Some of them go immediately when they come to pay a New Year’s call, while others go to the hall to have a drink together. They are either intimate old friends or nodding acquaintances.During the Spring Festival, all day long drinking baizi wine, spicy dishes, New Year’s vegetables are taken out.The gluttons are full of food; they linger in the houses of the rich; they eat out of shape.The meat of the rich and powerful is not as delicious as this pot.This custom reflects the honesty and frankness of the local customs.Proofread by Li Haihui