Putian yuanxiao :(6) fire tree and silver flower stay up all night

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On the twelfth, putian new town jin pier village there is a sky colorful “iron openwork” rain iron openwork rain (photo/MaoXinHua) to kam pier village make yuanxiao see sand to meet god, too many beautiful qi year peace, prosperity, rich brocade pier village while the iron is hot 01 got increasingly kam pier village is famous for its casting villagers cast iron pot for more business when make yuanxiao spilled the hot metal in the furnace to the tree light scattered,Flying flowers like snow become a dodge common blacksmithing flowers are the folk skills of Jindun village “flower” “hair” homophonic meaning more and more hit more and more gold flowers everywhere (photography/Liu Chaoyang) 02 Firetree silver flowers on the 12th day of the first month the fire opened the furnace to melt pig iron, scrap iron into molten iron at this time of dark night,Bell and drum “while the iron is hot”, relying on the craftsmen all XiongYaoHuBei as the furnace ironmaking ancient warriors to battle (photo/zheng-yu Lin) refining molten iron (photo/Zeng Binglin) molten iron from photography/zheng-yu Lin sheng (photo/chao-yang liu) blacksmith will iron into bamboo jilt waist roundhouse mallet struck up to 1300 ℃ of hot metal pour on the tree for a moment,Fire tree silver flowers crisscrossed with brilliant light golden rain (photography/Huang Shaoyun) Mallet hit bamboo (photography/Ma Jin 熖) People attracted to come around the iron flower tree in a time overflow in the hope of surplus year after year,Happiness peace I port view cycas flowering (photo/chin-wen Chen) walking on stilts (photo/read Lin wen) jump (photo/Huang Xiaojun) fire dragon dance (photo/read) Lin wen cruise cavalry (photo/read Lin wen) molten iron for water aquatic Jin Po XiangTingShu do honeysuckle and rich and colorful folk customs activities through a variety of people pray ceremony to meet economic fortune cause tengda,It is recommended to be located in Xindu Town, Licheng District, Putian City, at the foot of Hugong mountain and the lower reaches of Mulan River. It has a long history of blacksmithing and is the hometown of casting.(Photo/Lin Zhengyu) Located in the lower reaches of Mulan River, the main peak is 710.5 meters high. It is one of the symbols of Putian, and Hushan Zhi Yu is one of the 24 sights of Putian.(Photo/CAI Hao) “King Lychee”, located in Xiahengshan Village, Xindu Town, Licheng District, is 930 years old with a tree height of more than 10 meters and a surface diameter of 6.8 meters. It is still full of vitality and covers an area of more than 1 mu. In 2003, it was listed in the “National First-class Ancient and Famous Trees” protection list.(Photo by Zeng Binglin) The Water Village of Lilin (photo by CAI Hao) is located in Qing垞 Village, Xindu Town, Licheng District. It is dedicated to Qian Siniang, who came to Puzhupi in the first year of Song Zhiping (1064). The story of her and Mulanpi is still spread among the people.(Photo/Lin Zhengyu) Wuguandian Bridge, also known as wuguandian Bridge, is located in Xihengshan Village, Xindu Town, Licheng District. It is a municipal-level cultural relic protection unit.More than 900 years ago, five governors built a bridge over mulan River’s Nanyang Waterway. Later generations named it “Wufu Bridge” to commemorate the bridge.(Photo/Hu Wenfeng) Located in Xitianwei Town, Licheng District, Putian City, it is the “First Overseas Chinese Village in Licheng District”.Houhuanggu Village is known as “Nanyang style, dream hometown” reputation.In 2019, it was included in the fifth batch of Chinese Traditional Villages list.(Photo by Huang Zhisan) Houhuang Ancient Diaolou is a landmark building in the village. It is built of red brick and has a history of more than 100 years with unique local architectural style.The ancient diaolou has four storeys, the upper three of which have dark holes, which were used to keep out enemy invasions in the late Qing Dynasty.(photo/Zhu Chongfei) yellow eyes well, after 200 years of history, it is a sign of the yellow, in those days because there is no house number, wandering exile under nanyang, send a letter home, as long as you write the letter after the yellow “four eyes well”, in order to find the recipient, villagers, laundry, meals, chat all gather here, also can hear some news information at home and abroad.(Photo by Zhu Chongfei) Source | Produced by Rong Media Center, Licheng District, Putian City | Pyoqi Media