Rain in Guangzhou ended On Monday, allowing people to enjoy the full moon on the night of the Lantern Festival

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Information Times news (reporter Huang Xi deng) although bring obvious cooling, but this cold air is still good cold air.The reporter learned from the Guangzhou meteorological Station, the morning of the 13th to Bring guangzhou cool air will continue to supplement, but the precipitation will end before the morning of the 14th, the 14th day to cloudy weather, evening can enjoy the moon, 15th that night the Lantern Festival visibility is higher, the 16th night can also enjoy the moon;Cold air came again on the 19th, and the temperature fell again.People wear thick clothes and take preventive measures as rain falls in Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangdong Province, Feb. 13, 2019.”It’s rain and wind, and it feels cold.”Citizen square young lady tells a reporter, 13 noon she arrives downstairs to take express, although wore a thin down jacket, but still feel chill threatening.The reporter learned from the Guangzhou meteorological Station that on the morning of 13th, Guangzhou can obviously feel the cooling brought by the cold air, the wind is strong, there is rain, without the support of the sun, the body feeling is wet and cold, coupled with a large temperature drop, the citizens who did not add clothes in time or wear less clothes, will still feel cold.According to reports, the 13th, guangzhou districts of the lowest temperature 10 ~ 13℃, 1 ~ 4℃ lower than the 12th, the highest temperature 13 ~ 18℃, 2 ~ 4℃ lower than the 12th.The temperature is expected to drop further with the arrival of a cold front on May 14.The good news is that with the strengthening of the cold air, the warm and wet air will be driven away, the rain will end, and the weather will become cloudy.15, the sun more opportunities to see the moon at night more desirable;16, the evening can still enjoy the moon, but may be affected by fog;Then the temperature rises and the rain returns;On The 19th and 20th, the temperature dropped again due to a new cold air.A citizen without rain gear puts on his hat as rain falls in Guangzhou, Capital of South China’s Guangdong Province, Feb. 13, 2019.Guangdong Meteorological Observatory forecast that on The 14th, moderate cold air will continue to move southward to affect the province, accompanied by light to moderate rain and precipitation, most of the temperature will drop 3 ~ 6℃;The temperature gradually rose from the day of The 15th to the 16th.The specific forecast is as follows: on the 14th, most of the light rain will turn cloudy, and the temperature will continue to drop in the morning.On the 15th, it will be cloudy to overcast in western cities and counties, with sporadic drizzle in some parts.16, shaoguan, Qingyuan, zhaoqing northern and western Guangdong cities and counties cloudy to overcast, scattered light rain, other cities and counties cloudy, temperature continues to rise, western Guangdong and pearl River Delta cities and counties have light fog or fog in the morning.Guangzhou Meteorological Station predicted that, under the influence of cold air, there would still be light rain on the night of the 13th, and the temperature would continue to drop. On the 14th, the precipitation would gradually stop and become cloudy in the daytime, and the temperature difference between day and night would increase, and it would be cold in the morning and evening. The minimum temperature in the morning of the 14th and 15th would be 6 ~ 8℃ in the north, 9 ~ 11℃ in the middle, and 10 ~ 12℃ in the south.The specific forecast is as follows: on the 14th, light rain will turn cloudy, 9 ~ 17℃;15th, cloudy with sunny, 9 ~ 18℃;16th, cloudy, light fog in the morning and evening, 11 ~ 19℃;17, cloudy, with light rain, 14 ~ 18℃;18th, cloudy, moderate rain, 14 ~ 18℃;19th, cloudy, light rain, 10 ~ 15℃;20th, cloudy, 9 ~ 15℃;21, cloudy day with light rain, 11 ~ 15℃;22nd, cloudy day with light rain, 11 ~ 16℃.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com