Sanctions on Chinese companies with Ties to Russia?The “division” of the United States is very insidious

2022-07-16 0 By

Chinese and Russian leaders held a bilateral summit on the sidelines of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to China and his attendance at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.According to Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, the two countries will set up a joint financial infrastructure to protect their cooperation from sanctions imposed by third countries.The growing co-operation between China and Russia has clearly touched a sensitive political nerve in the US.Us State Department spokesperson Price publicly threatened That Chinese companies would “face economic sanctions” if they decided to cooperate with Russia despite us sanctions over Ukraine, and the US has all the tools at its disposal, reported Thursday.Price’s threat quickly gained attention.It is clear that the Us is annoyed by the “unlimited” co-operation between China and Russia.To ensure that its hegemonic system is not challenged, Washington must do all it can to undermine cooperation between China and Russia.However, many netizens said that “the US is bluffing again”.The US is indeed bluffing.Have politicians in Washington churned out enough sanctions against Chinese companies in recent years?More than 400 Chinese high-tech companies have been blacklisted, but what will happen?Huawei is climbing the international sales rankings, and China’s economy is still roaring ahead.All of which suggests that the American sanctions stick won’t work against China much.The US should be clear that the greater the external pressure, the closer the cooperation between China and Russia will be.China and Russia are considering the establishment of a joint financial infrastructure plan, is specifically against the US sanctions stick.And the THREAT of US sanctions against Chinese companies only makes China and Russia move more quickly, making the US sanctions stick even weaker.The us sanctions stick applied to the economic powers with close ties with the United States, but the result is the negative effect of hurting people and harming itself.Politicians in the White House and State Department know this better than anyone, and the many crises facing the United States attest to it.Therefore, the netizens’ response to Price’s threatening remarks just highlights the “bravado” of THE US policy toward China.The result of the sino-US trade conflict and sanctions war provoked by the US shows that the US has not gained any advantage.On the contrary, the tension between China and Russia that leads to cooperation between China and Russia is a thorn in America’s throat.How to prevent further Cooperation between China and Russia should be the top priority of the White House.Therefore, the US threat to impose sanctions on Chinese companies is not intended to impose sanctions, but to undermine sino-Russian cooperative relations.It is worth mentioning that many of the recent messages sent by western public opinion and politicians cannot conceal their deliberate attempts to undermine sino-Russian cooperative relations.Bloomberg recently published an article deliberately linking the Ukraine crisis with the Beijing Winter Olympics, and falsely claimed that “Putin may destroy China’s Olympic dream”, suggesting that China should “beware of Putin”.Similarly, During his visit to Australia recently, British Foreign Secretary Mark Truss also dragged China into the vortex of the Ukraine crisis, saying that “We cannot rule out China taking advantage of the Ukraine crisis to attack Taiwan.”Truss’s remarks are not just playing up the so-called “China threat theory”, but more like an attempt to force China to draw a line between China and Russia.In conjunction with the recent us threat of sanctions against Chinese companies, there are signs that the West, co-ordinated by the US, is doing all it can to undermine sino-Russian co-operation.From this point of view, it is enough to show that the closer Sino-Russian relationship has put enormous pressure on the United States.Years of western sanctions have made Russia’s economy more dependent on China year by year.If Chinese companies are forced to abandon cooperation with Russia due to fear of U.S. sanctions, the result will not only inflict a heavy blow on The Russian economy, but also damage the cooperative relationship between China and Russia.At the same time, reducing Russian energy supplies to China means That China must buy more natural gas from the US.I have to say, this is a very insidious move by the US.However, this is just an American wishful thinking, for the simple reason that the United States is a common threat to Both China and Russia. At this time, if China and Russia abandon their cooperation under the influence of the United States, they will be destroying the Great Wall themselves.The Americans are overthinking the threat of sanctions to undermine sino-Russian cooperation.Putin’s visit to China to attend the Beijing Winter Olympics, which brought more sino-Russian cooperation projects, is enough to show that the cooperative relationship between the two countries cannot be damaged by external forces.On the contrary, the shockwaves created by close Co-operation between China and Russia are striking violently at the us hegemonic system.