Solar term “rain” health, remember to eat 6 kinds of food, remember 3 early, healthy spring

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Rain water is the second solar term in the 24 solar terms.Dou refers to nonyl;The sun reaches longitude 330°;Every year on February 18-20 Gregorian calendar.Rain and grain rain, light full, light snow, snow and other solar terms, are the reflection of precipitation phenomenon, is the ancient farming culture of the festival.The rainwater solar term marks the beginning of rainfall.In the rain season, the activity of cold air in the north is still frequent and the weather is changeable.At this time the body skin becomes relatively loose, resistance to cold the evil will be weakened, to pay attention to keep warm, keep in mind that often eat 6 kinds of food, keep in mind the “three early”, healthy over 6 kinds of food is most suitable for spring rain season 1, millet millet are rich in iron, vitamin B complex, calcium, potassium, cellulose and starch, eat millet can complement iron,Millet contains twice as much iron, 1.5 to 3.5 times as much vitamin B1, one times as much vitamin B2, and two to seven times more fiber than rice.The old saying goes: “small rice soup match ginseng soup”, which shows the high nutritional value of millet.2, shepherd’s purse old saying: “March three, shepherd’s purse when the elixir.”Shepherd’s purse contains shepherd’s purse acid, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and protein and other nutrients.Shepherd’s purse has the effect of promoting digestion, lowering blood pressure and anticoagulation.Shepherd’s purse is rich in protein, can also clear heat and detoxification, antihypertensive mingmei, eat more in spring, can effectively prevent fire.3. Bean sprouts are rich in cellulose, which can prevent constipation and clear the intestine.Bean sprouts also contain a lot of calcium, vitamin B, C and carotene.Bean sprouts are cool and slightly cold, with heat clearing effect. Eating them in spring can clear heat and remove fire, and also help to make the skin smooth and soft.In addition, bean sprouts also help to eliminate edema.An old saying goes: “Garlic is a treasure, often eat good health.”The function of garlic: anti-inflammatory sterilization, blood pressure, blood sugar, anti – aging, etc.Eating more Onions and garlic in spring is not only conducive to the need for hair growth, but also helps the body resist more external damage.In spring, when colds and viruses are common, garlic contains antibacterial ingredients — two potent substances, allicin and allicin.There is a folk saying that “decocting garlic in soup is a good way to prevent colds”.5, yams spring weather is changeable, easy to catch cold, diarrhea.Often eat Chinese yam can enhance intestinal digestion ability, reduce the water in the intestinal tract, play the role of dampness and diarrhea.Spring is also the season of high incidence of respiratory inflammation, often eat Chinese yam can enhance the resistance of respiratory mucosa, cough, expectoration and pneumonia have a very good improvement.6, shrimp spring to eat shrimp is very good, because this season of shrimp is more beautiful, can give our body to add some trace elements, but also can have a nourishing effect on the body.Shrimp is rich in nutritional value, fat, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron and other amino acid content, rich in protein, including vitamin A, carotene and inorganic salt content is relatively high, but fat content is not only low, and mostly unsaturated fatty acids, with the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.Rain health must remember “three early”!Early in the morning: thick clothes don’t take off too early light rain season sometimes hot and sometimes cold, the climate is unstable, or should cover the point, if all of a sudden to take off too much clothes, will not adapt to climate change and easy to catch cold and get sick.In particular, the elderly and sickly and three high patients should pay more attention to the fickle weather is easy to cause people’s mood swings, causing the recurrence of potential diseases in the body.Handsome boys and beautiful women do not care about the temperature because of beauty, so as not to leave arthritis and other diseases.Of course, spring wu is not for everyone.For example, some people with internal heat, if the “spring wu”, is likely to fire, and some of the body is very strong, do not need to cover.Early in the spring, it’s easy to get “spring sleepiness,” which means feeling sleepy the next day regardless of whether you had a good night’s sleep or not.Spring morning Yang qi is the most sufficient, early words help to stretch the liver qi transceiver, so it is very important to the maintenance of the human body.Three early: early bask in more wet wet the clothes that winter wears much, isolated skin and sunshine contact, and winter is ultraviolet ray least when, so skin can restore oneself whitest degree.Ultraviolet rays start to increase in the spring, and increase sharply from April to May.But the sunshine of early spring often can be ignored by the person, so imperceptible in was hurt by ultraviolet ray face, cause skin one day darker than one day sink.Must do bask in so, put on protective clothes for skin (bask in, protect wet product), it is to prevent smooth aging, prevent pigment the basicest defensive measure and protection.Spring is suitable for nourishing the liver. Green leafy vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, which can protect liver cells.Eating some animal livers in the spring can also protect our liver cells.Early spring pay attention to light diet, do not smoke less alcohol, eat more dark green vegetables.Learn how to cook food together, improve your cooking skills together, and live a lively and interesting life.Thank you for your likes, comments and retweets.