Start of spring tomorrow, 4 rules to remember, meaning a smooth year, good luck

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“Li” means “start”, while “spring” means growth and warmth.After the beginning of spring this day, the weather will slowly warm up, the arrival of spring, everything recovery, everywhere a thriving scene.There are four traditional customs that must be remembered on the day of Start of Spring, which means a smooth New Year, good luck and happiness in the New Year.One, hide spring.This year is the year of the Tiger, with many Chinese zodiac signs opposing each other, which means “guilty of being too old”.We often hear the saying, “If you dare to burn earth on your head, it’s not enough.” The tai-sui is a god and cannot be offended, otherwise you will be affected by bad luck and have no good luck for a year.In 2022, the year of the Tiger, there will be four zodiac signs to avoid spring: tiger, snake, monkey and pig.How to avoid spring?This year, the start of Spring falls at 04:50:36 on February 4. The hour before and after the start of Spring, plus the hour itself, adds up to three hours.People born in the year of snake should not have contact with people born in the year of tiger, monkey or pig. People born in the year of monkey should also not have contact with people born in the year of tiger or snake or pig during this time.Avoiding spring also means avoiding evil spirits, avoiding bad luck, in the New Year to be able to smooth.Two, bite spring.Bite remember eat 1 things, spring is the ripening, in many places have such custom, when spring begins to eat the ripening, the ripening is a kind of filling with face, roll up to eat small loaves of bread, and then into the pot to fry or steam cooked on the plate, in the spring time to eat, moral bite spring, is yearning for a better life.Three, welcome too old.Tai sui is the god of peace, bless family sixty jia tai sui corresponds to the god, there are sixty, every year there is a traditional duty, on duty during the period of the tai sui is known as the “value in tai sui”, is the son of heaven, and he runs in the world of XiongJi blessing, so in the spring the day remember ying tai sui, pray for tai sui bless family go in peace, and healthy.Fourth, ancestor worship.Folk have spring begins the day the custom of ancestor worship, spring begins first solar term is 24 solar terms in a year, also indicates the beginning of the year, the first day of the New Year, so people will on this day to ancestor worship, pray to their ancestors bless and pray for a bumper year, New Year the smooth, go in peace, the good crop weather, good harvest.This year is the year of the tiger, it is spring morning, the significance of the early spring also have a good harvest year, folk have such claims, spring is called “early spring” before 12 o ‘clock at noon, after 12 o ‘clock at noon in spring is called “late spring”, if that is early spring, also indicates a year more warm, good will also usher in a cereal grain harvest.So this year will certainly be a good year with good weather and good harvest.Tomorrow is the start of spring, remember to do the above five things, pray for a smooth, safe and happy New Year, and pray for your family and friends.I wish you all the best in the Year of tiger, good luck, peace and happiness!