Suffered a reversal, the Lakers embarrassed league first!The Big Three are the laughingstock of the league, and Westbrook could be traded

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Russell Westbrook is at the center of a series of trust and harmony issues surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers following their disastrous home loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.After the game, the lakers didn’t have time to gather their emotions, and they flew to Portland for a back-to-back trip to Portland.Forward lebron James was cleared to play two games after recovering from a knee injury, but westbrook missed his first game of the season because of a strained back, leading to speculation that the lakers might have to trade him before the deadline.Suffered a reversal, the Lakers embarrassed league first!The Big Three are the laughingstock of the league, and Westbrook could be traded.The Lakers had a difficult game against the Blazers, coming off a high-intensity game in which they seemed to be recovering physically.The lakers offense was not in the first section of the state, the most can reflect the state of the lakers is malik – monk, he got his unparalleled three scoring twice, facing the sea, and no man defense, but the two shots, one on the leading edge of the basket, after an adjustment to the neck, on the other hand, the lakers lost a lot of defensive rebounds in the first quarter, and even some defensive round,The lakers had only James on the line in the first quarter, scoring eight points, three rebounds and one assist on 4-of-5 field goals. The lakers scored only 18 points.Fortunately, the Portland Trail Blazers were also not in good shape in the first quarter, after the trade they did not have any understanding, the two teams first quarter tied at 18.James, Trevor ariza, Bradley and others all scored 3-pointers in the second quarter.Horton Tucker came off the bench and made four of six shots in the quarter, including 11 points on three of four from 3-point range.Re-entering Wayne Ellington also hit a pair of 3-pointers in the 36-point quarter for the lakers, who outscored them 36-29 to take a seven-point lead at halftime.James scored two points in the third quarter, but Davis and Monk, who had struggled in the first half with seven points on 3-of-4 shooting, and Davis, who had 12 points, one assist and three blocks on 6-of-7 shooting in the quarter, exploded.The rest of the lakers combined for just five points in the quarter, as Portland outscored them 29-24.Entering the fourth quarter, the Lakers couldn’t solve their scoring woes, as the Blazers hit two 3-pointers to take the lead, and the lakers needed ellington’s 3-pointer to break it open.Subsequently, James gradually into the state, he successively into the round, but also hit three points, seven points in a row, the two sides gradually entered the seesawing battle.Critical moment, the lakers once again began to frequent mistakes, no matter who the ball can’t into round, the blazers back scoring in a row, the last moment, James fast break layup, lake civil air defense under the blazers three-point shooting, but in the face of rebounds, the lakers are standing in the basket, looked at the ball to the blazers, the lakers opportunity also thoroughly from slipping.There was a sense that the lakers didn’t have the will to win, or that they couldn’t run on the floor in the second game of a back-to-back, and if they didn’t face a team like the Blazers, they might have surrendered through three quarters.In the fourth quarter, aside from James’ 14 points, only Avery Bradley scored three points, and Davis didn’t score in the fourth quarter, as the lakers’ physical problems continued through the end of the game.After the game, from this season but less than 24 hours left in the trading deadline, the lakers run President rob palin card pace in the center of the home encryption scenario, the team performance and their championship season the team has, no stable third reckoning, even survival defense are all lost.The Lakers’ big three, too, have become the laughingstock of the league, barely making it back to the top eight in the West, and even in the play-offs, the lakers don’t have a winning streak.Before the game, Davis said the lakers needed to redeem themselves by winning their final three games before the All-Star break, but after an ugly opening loss, the lakers had little time to adjust.With pelinka left in less than 24 hours, it will soon be clear whether the lakers have turned things around this season, whether they will trade westbrook for the 2027 first-round pick or keep the pick in the offseason.