Supreme Court takes multiple measures for Bankruptcy trial

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“All firms are now invited to submit their presentations for the appointment of insolvency administrator in order of lot, starting with….”In the tense and orderly speech, 8 law firms began to run for the bankruptcy liquidation manager of Shanggao County Longteng Art Ceramics Co., LTD and Jiangxi Rui Brand Ceramics Co., LTD. This is a miniature of the bankruptcy trial work of Shanggao County People’s Court (hereinafter referred to as the Shanggao High Court).In order to serve and protect the “No. 1 Project” and further optimize the business environment, the Supreme Court has taken steps to strengthen the bankruptcy trial team, open competition to hire administrators, set up the judges’ workshop for major projects, and coordinated with the Party Committee and the government to win the battle against bankruptcy.Professional: With strong trial team competition to hire managers through open election, select strong professional ability, experienced managers to participate in the bankruptcy case trial, fully embodies the principle of “full protection of creditors’ interests” in the bankruptcy law.At the same time, it is conducive to the administrator to take over the bankrupt enterprise’s property under the guidance and supervision of the Supreme Court, and be responsible for its custody, cleaning, valuation and distribution, to ensure the efficient and orderly handling of cases.The smooth convening of the conference further promoted the construction and development of the Supreme Court in the acceptance and handling of bankruptcy cases, laying a foundation for the later bankruptcy case trial.At the beginning of 2022, in order to promote the liquidation of bankruptcy cases, the Supreme Court will complete the bankruptcy team and assign one leader in charge to take the lead and undertake bankruptcy cases, and at the same time assign two judicial assistants to assist in handling cases.Mass effect, at the same time in order to improve the trial form via the Internet to jiangxi province have run for qualification institutions bankruptcy administrator campaign announcement, a shanggao county longteng art ceramics co., LTD and Jiang Xirui brand ceramics co., LTD., two bankruptcy liquidation case manager campaign meetings, set up the bankruptcy panels, from the perspective of professional comprehensive evaluation, anonymous voting, determine the administrator,Hence the opening scene.The Supreme Court paid attention to the positive role of bankruptcy trials in improving the rescue and exit mechanism of market players, and successfully concluded the bankruptcy case of Jiangxi Hongjia Industry Co., LTD., disposing of 15.03 million yuan of claims and 86.4 million square meters of revitalized factories.To achieve the enterprise bankruptcy in accordance with the law, assets revitalized optimization, creditors are compensated according to the law, the staff at ease with satisfaction, social stability and harmony, enterprise assets to achieve the escape cage for birds, phoenix nirvana.The Supreme Court attaches great importance to the bankruptcy work. The president of the Supreme Court schedules the progress of bankruptcy cases every week, requiring the assets of bankrupt enterprises to be fast, stable and excellent, so as to maximize the assets disposal and the interests of creditors.On January 10, 2022, jiangxi Hongbo Ceramic Raw Materials Co., Ltd. held the first creditors’ meeting for bankruptcy liquidation and passed the price change plan, which was followed by the online announcement auction of its machinery and equipment assets. After the successful auction, the bidders paid off the bidding price in full within one week, and the land assets were also auctioned one month after the meeting.The rapid disposal of the land has played a positive legal role in the follow-up planning and investment attraction of the local park and has been unanimously affirmed by the local Party Committee and government.: docking together create new pattern fu yuan on March 9, 2022, “high and new zone of the great project judge studio” and “fu on high school liaison office” joint operation high-tech zone, indicates the key projects and enterprises within their respective jurisdictions bankruptcy court and county disposal work barriers to get through, seamless docking, to optimize the business environment as the core of rule by law at the beginning of the “one-stop” mode.In the future, Shanghai High Court and high-tech Park will exchange and coordinate with each other in introducing and settling down major projects and improving the efficiency of bankruptcy disposal, thus playing a positive role in the economy of Shanghai High Park.Linkage: ensure the smooth handover the bankruptcy property “to adhere to in accordance with the rules in accordance with the law, according to the procedures, to ensure the smooth transition and orderly, especially to protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprise employees, ensure to minimize the impact of the enterprise bankruptcy, while requiring multiple measures and various functional departments, coordinate and accelerate the bankruptcy disposal progress.”On March 12, luo Bin, deputy secretary of politics and Law committee of Shanggao County Party Committee, said at the scene of the first property handover after the bankruptcy and liquidation of Jiangxi Rui Brand Ceramics Co., LTD.Because the bankrupt enterprise involves hundreds of employees to maintain stability, in order to ensure the smooth handover of bankruptcy property, the county political and legal committee organized the public security, township and other relevant functional departments on the scene, effectively protect the relevant handover work of the bankruptcy administrator.In the next step, the Supreme Court will focus on the bankruptcy trial, further explore the separation of complex and simple and the simple exit mechanism of proletariat, improve the efficiency of bankruptcy, clear out zombie enterprises, improve the allocation of market resources, and play a positive role in optimizing the business environment and boosting the high-quality leap-forward development of economy.(Yan Xiaoqin, Chen Mingcan, Leng Mengsource: Jiangxi Daily Jiangxi Business all-media platform editor: Tang Yue Editor: Zou Wenbiao supervisor: You Jing