The success of local TV Spring Festival Gala

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CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala has been going on for nearly 40 years, and it also leads the rapid development of the Spring Festival Gala of various local TV stations.In fact, over the years, local TV stations have used the Spring Festival Gala as a typical show to show their media prowess, creating a thriving screen scene in the rush to catch up.In 2022, satellite TV channels are doing their best, and each Spring Festival Gala has its own characteristics.There are “Sichuan flavor” the main “Sichuan and Chongqing Spring Festival Gala”, there are also directly made of crosstalk special “Tianjin Spring Festival Gala”, Fujian Spring Festival Gala is based on the fujian and Taiwan both sides of the familiar song “joy is good” for the name……The unprecedented fierce competition, needless to say, is derived from the “circle breaking” effect of henan SATELLITE TV’s Tang Palace Banquet in 2021.In fact, the “broken circle” of “Tang Palace Banquet” is precisely because the creator does not have too much pressure, so he focuses more on the expression of the work itself, and uses the dance to tell the story of the characters, unlike the previous parties which show more the beauty of the dance itself.However, many subsequent imitators did not see the true intention of the creator, often blindly follow up, mimicking.For the audience, it also creates “old” and “similar” feelings.What needs to be recognized is that, in an era of developed information channels and extremely fast information transmission, truly good programs will eventually be widely disseminated, regardless of which platform they come from or even how many “promotions” there are at a time.”Banquet in Tang Palace” became popular just a few days after it was broadcast, as audiences were more eager to see innovative and relevant content.What makes the Spring Festival Gala win is directly related to the theme and resources of each program, audience preference and media development goals, as well as the guidance of decision-makers.At the same time, we must also see the trend of peers, and avoid the imitation of the form.Of course, there are some shows that make our eyes shine.Fujian gala content focus on “fujian pride”, not stick to one pattern on the form, essay, short video judged very “young”, fujian, “love spell dare to win,” and the spirit of pragmatic low-key temperament is fully expressed in the form of “Versailles”, “low-key fujian,” the successor of the sha county and other programs on the network side.At present, the gala is trying to make itself more influential.However, this can not only be achieved by increasing creative power and capital investment, capturing and creating fashion topics. We must also know that we should be ourselves first, which is the basic requirement for building the recognition of the party and the core foundation of the characteristics of the party.The specific requirements of creators to dig into local resources, find the recent representative audio-visual features.For example, most of the parties combine various programs, but Liaoning And Tianjin stations focus on language sketches and crosstalk, while Xinjiang and Henan stations focus on singing and dancing.Moreover, most of the main roles of the Spring Festival Gala are in the studio, and the visual effect of the program is mainly night scenery. This is not only because the key moment of the festival is in the evening, but also easy to shape and express the subject with the help of the lamp effect in creation.Because the outdoor scene in most areas of China is cold and the landscape visibility is not enough in winter, the production of Fujian Spring Festival Gala in southeast coastal area is mainly on location. Therefore, the beautiful daytime landscape and green mountains and rivers make fujian Spring Festival Gala stand out visually.In fact, whether a local Spring Festival gala is good or not, not only to spread and ratings as the criterion, otherwise the flow and input will become a bottomless pit.Due to the different levels of the audience preferences and cognitive differences, work hard to achieve both “top” and “clap”, shock and heart, both professional and Volkswagen, is both elegant and popular, both local and national, and the actual operation is often through many programs to achieve different demand, this also is easy to cause a “splitting” of the party and the theme, style of dispersion.In fact, the “breaking circle” of the “Chinese Festival series” is precisely the “start” from the network youth, short in length and simple in target.So, rather than blindly chasing the audience, on the basis of investigation and research for envelops, and fully display its own resources and achieve their goals, steadfast to do the motherland Spring Festival gala of a unique flower in the garden – “if you are in full bloom, the butterfly tap”, i.e. to design content for high quality status of the audience, with great concentration, and to build a unique look.Fujian Taiwan as this year’s Spring Festival gala “joy is good”, not only with green hills and blue ocean bring pure and fresh style, more by his son-in-law clue leads to unique style, family customs and culture in Taiwan’s closest pingtan to express the feelings, to “fujian business and people management story legend” the spirit of “love spell will win”,The overall elaborate production also makes the thought expression of the party has a higher audio-visual presentation level……Do the best of yourself, must be happy.Author: You Jie, Professor and doctoral supervisor, Communication University of China (Radio and TELEVISION Literature and Art), Edited by: Jiang Xiaoyuan