Tourism fitness, culture live broadcast, Spring Festival entertainment “new Attitude”

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In the hearts of “returning people”, “New Year custom” is a concert on the way home, is a movie watched by the whole family;In the “visitors” heart, “New Year custom” is the passenger seat of the mother’s smile, is the speed and passion on the ski field;In the mind of “yuannian people”, “New Year’s custom” is the sweat on the treadmill, is the “flavor” that cannot be removed from the pages of the book.From offering sacrifices to cooking stoves and sweeping dust, pasting Spring Festival couplets and setting off firecrackers, staying up for the New Year and watching the Spring Festival Gala, to traveling, grabbing red envelopes to pay New Year’s greetings, and exercising to read and watch live broadcasts, many New Year customs have been continuously added to the connotation of The Times, changing the way of entertainment and enriching the Experience of the Spring Festival.”I walk in a hurry, without stopping, not to go far, but to get home.”A plane takes off from Changsha Airport after the Spring Festival Travel Rush in 2022. The seemingly ordinary flight puts on a live Chinese concert during the journey.”Liuyang River” “How tan” “return”……This adventure presents an audio-visual feast of “culture + entertainment” for returning travelers.The “air concert” with the theme of Chinese culture is one of the 2022 “Culture into 10,000 people — Video Live Hometown Year” activities, with the participation of online platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, B station, Weibo and Kugou.Douyin launched the topic of “Intangible Heritage New Year DOU broadcast”;In Kuaishou, launched the “Intangible Cultural Heritage to make the Spring Festival” theme video solicitation;In station B, the “Year of my Hometown” area was launched.On weibo, the two topics of “Intangible Heritage Year” and “National Treasure guardian” were launched.At Kugou, we planned the “New Year song” series and the “Concert in the air” activities, which carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese culture and make this year’s Spring Festival have a different significance.In addition, movies in the Year of the Tiger show a thriving scene during the Spring Festival. Taking parents or about a couple of friends to see a movie is not only a leisure choice during the festival, but also a “New Year custom” with a sense of ritual.”Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake”, “The Killer is not so cool”, “Miracle stupid Boy”…This year’s Spring Festival will feature a wide variety of movies, from themed blockbusters to light-hearted dramas, catering to audiences of all ages.According to the State Film Administration, from The Lunar New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the first lunar month (Jan 31 to Feb 6), China’s urban cinema ticket sales reached 6.035 billion yuan, with 114 million moviegoers.Travel: self-driving skiing leisure entertainment “new way” to return home, in order to reunite;Travel, in order to get together.With the increasing consumption power of young online groups and the changing concept of traditional festivals, “traveling for the Spring Festival” has gradually become a new choice of entertainment during the Spring Festival.The top 10 most popular destinations during this year’s Spring Festival travel rush are Sanya, Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Suzhou and Changsha, according to data released by Tongcheng Research Institute.Thanks to its superior climate and environment, Sanya is favored by tourists as a long-term tourist destination in winter.During the Spring Festival, Sanya Nanshan Scenic area will launch the light music, song, dance, poetry and painting drama Neon Clothes And Feather, and Sanya Haichang Dream Ocean City that Never Sleeps is the first “round Universe” drama in China to enrich the supply of cultural tourism market and create a strong Spring Festival atmosphere.It is worth noting that due to flexible time and free travel, self-driving travel has become the preferred way for many people to travel.During the Spring Festival, self-driving trips to Yulong Snow Mountain became popular, with more than 5,000 vehicles entering the scenic area every day, reaching the level of the same period in 2019.During the Spring Festival holiday, yulong Snow Mountain received 53,600 tourists, with a significant increase in domestic self-drive tourism, with independent tourists accounting for about 80 percent of the visitors.The ceremonial feeling of Chinese New Year superimposed by the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has brought the heat of ice sports to an unprecedented high.According to the relevant statistics of China Tourism Academy, the heat of ice and snow tourism has increased, and the search and reservation volume of major ski resorts has increased significantly, and the tourist flow of indoor ski resorts and skating rinks in southern China has also increased significantly.Double board, single board, glide, turn…Xiao Zhang, a college student from Cangzhou, Hebei province, is a skier. This Spring Festival, he went to Chengdu to see the beauty of Xiling Snow Mountain ski resort, which has “a thousand autumn snow in the window”.Chengdu’s Xiling Snow Mountain ski Resort is the hottest search term for ski resorts this Spring Festival. The largest ski resort in South China not only allows local tourists to “ski locally”, but also attracts a large number of tourists from the north to “ski south”.In addition to snow and ice sports, hiking, mountaineering, basketball and football are also popular sports, which attract people from dining tables, drinking tables and card tables to the playground.Whether returning home, traveling or celebrating the New Year on the spot, this place of peace is my hometown.Against the backdrop of epidemic prevention and control, fitness and reading have become a priority for many people who spend the Spring Festival there.”It used to be ‘get fat on holiday’, now it’s ‘burn my calories’.I don’t have time to exercise because I’m too busy at work. This holiday has given me ‘fitness freedom’ and I want to keep it up in the New Year.”Xiao Yang, an office worker in Shenzhen, stayed in the city for the Spring Festival this year and embraced it by exercising.Beijing Winter Olympics and Spring Festival “meet”, let the Year of the Tiger added a “sports wind”.Under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, local sports parks and public stadiums are open to the public at preferential rates or free of charge, and gyms do not close during the Spring Festival. The venues are guaranteed, and people’s enthusiasm for participating in sports and fitness activities has been improved.Reading is a blessing.At the beginning of the New Year, there are many people in farewell to the old and welcome the New Year na guest after opening a book, in the festive atmosphere will be in their own thick book.With the support of new ideas and technologies, many digital resource reading platforms can be used for free during the Spring Festival, which brings a cultural flavor to our face.Read books through digital resource reading platforms, watch various live broadcasts, and get together with friends on video websites.These new forms of entertainment are gradually covering every aspect of our daily life, and Chinese New Year is no exception.Time and tide wait, season is like a stream.Custom in the change, the same is the pursuit of round and round, hehemeimei mood.The epidemic will eventually pass, and these entertainment “New Year customs” may settle down over time to tell a different Story of the Spring Festival.