An American company’s unique cultural building looks spectacular from a distance in the shape of a large hand-woven basket

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A U.S. company exotic culture building, look for large hand knitting basket, from a distance is very spectacular parts of the world is not only desirable tourist attractions, there are also some wonderful work or construction of scenic spots, such as in Newark, Ohio in the United States, there is a very unique architecture, the building was rated as one of the world and ugly building, building, though ugly,But there are still a lot of people here to clock in, after all, people are curious psychology, this building is the local famous Bamboo basket building.As the name implies, the appearance of the building is like a huge bamboo basket. The idea of the building itself is derived from the art of weaving, or the builder has a unique view of weaving and wants to use it in architecture.It is well known that the United States was very powerful in the weaving industry in the last century. At that time, the United States imported a large number of weaving products from China, and most of the local families in the United States also kept exquisite weaving items. Maybe the builder of this building was inspired by this, and built the bamboo basket building.Viewed from the outside, the building is no different from the woven basket, the whole is earthen yellow, not only the woven shape of the basket, but also the handle of the basket.The whole building is very magnificent from the appearance, covering an area of more than 100,000 square meters, plus the height of the basket handle, fully 10 meters, from a distance, very spectacular, but near to see some wonderful things, but fine appreciation, it seems to find the beauty of architectural art.From above, you can also see the pool and fence on the roof of the building. The builders took great care in the construction, not only using the art of weaving, but also incorporating the original features of the building.Although the building is rated as one of the ugliest buildings, there are still many people who clock in. For those who know art and architecture, they will find the real charm of the building. They even can’t help but sigh that art itself comes from various aspects of life.Of course, if there is a chance to visit the United States, the characteristic food is indispensable, such as Reuben sandwich, beef marinated with koshite salt is very delicious, and then put on the cheese, doused with the sour and sweet Thousand Island sauce, a bite, the aftertaste is endless.Meatloaf may not look very pretty, but it has a unique taste and can be eaten with bread.The lobster roll is similar to the hot dog, but the sausage is replaced by lobster. For those who like to eat lobster, you can not miss the Buffalo wings, which are the must-have food for chicken wing lovers. The meat is delicate, and the sour and spicy is very delicious.All in all, this wonderful building, people are divided on its praise, DO not know whether the people who have seen it can really appreciate the beauty of the art?