Bright party flags flutter over the festival

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In mid-January 2022, in the face of the severe epidemic situation in China again, the Party Committee of Datong No. 5 People’s Hospital issued a call to party members and cadres in the hospital to set up a volunteer vanguard of anti-epidemic Party members to deal with all kinds of emergencies during the Spring Festival epidemic prevention process, and let the Party flag fly in the front line of epidemic prevention and control.Party members from 25 branches of the hospital signed up actively, and within just two days, a volunteer anti-epidemic vanguard team of more than 200 party members was established. The team was mainly young and middle-aged, covering two thirds of the in-service party members of the hospital, becoming a new force to fight the epidemic.Under the unified command and arrangement of the hospital, party members and volunteers carried forward the spirit of bearing hardships and fighting, and went to various prevention and control areas such as the hospital inspection zone, East Expressway of Datong City and Yungang District in batches to carry out work.They have taken concrete actions to demonstrate their sense of responsibility, fulfilled their original aspiration and mission, and played a pioneering and exemplary role as Party members.With the advent of the Spring Festival holiday, the flow of people in urban areas has increased sharply, and the demand for nucleic acid testing has increased sharply.In order to cope with the sudden increase of testing population, the hospital has implemented a number of measures such as adding collection channels, extending service hours, and increasing information services.In order to further effectively carry out the current epidemic prevention and control work, from the 30th to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, our hospital issued an announcement to the whole society that the hospital would provide nucleic acid collection services for the masses 24 hours a day during holidays and provide results within the shortest time.During the Spring Festival holiday, personnel shortage is a thorny problem in the service process.At this time, the party member volunteer vanguard was again ordered, a total of more than 60 volunteers on duty in turn, some of these people just from the clinical department off work, took off the white clothes, and put on isolation clothes;Some of them just finished their community epidemic prevention work and went out again.Still others quietly from parents, from children, came to the nucleic acid collection job.At minus 20 degrees Celsius, party members and volunteers of our hospital gave up the time to reunite with their families. In the cold wind, they guided the collection staff of our hospital to work continuously for 12 hours and assisted in collecting nearly 5,000 nucleic acids.A steady stream of party member volunteers provide the hospital with a strong human support for this task.There is a saying that symbolizes the indomitable spirit of the Chinese people. It is called: “Water does not compete for the first place, but for the surging.”This is also the spirit of our party members’ volunteer anti-epidemic vanguard team, which always rushes to the front line at critical moments in times of crisis, planting the bright party flag in every corner of the position and imprinting it into the hearts of every public.Editor: Sun Mingyue