Butterfly love flower dream in the red chamber

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First, Jia Baoyu into the flowers incense is not turbidity, fast green yi red, just like the pavilion crane.Though naughty not dirty, who can make with you from scratch.Destined to sansheng without landing, green ridge peak, cast in the earth Angle.I hate that immortal woman, but I don’t like her.Two, Lin Daiyu stepped into Beijing home has been dismantled, with the rain swaying, the world more salty silent.Sisters velvet flowers are colored, who pity this delicate jade.To enter the red door lion in the side, look jiao ying, but really confused.Rely on spring radish guest, oneself have no guarantee only can tut.Three, Xue Baochai powder peach blossom shy, an inch of heart, do a thousand army strategy.The man has tut, Qingfeng speechless also into mo.Accompany yi Red spring side, look like gentle, eyebrow eye all color.Don’t over xiang princess jia book, who knows silly birds such as guests.Four, Jia Yuanchun filled the harem first night, three years of thought, only hope to smoke and cloud xiao.There are always leisure spring willow around, grand View garden early red building.Is more lively from the pleasure, who toward the door, cast down the difficult crow birds.When the tree falls, the monkeys are nowhere.Five, Tanchun autumn cool zhai banana under the guest, rhyme point yellow flowers, just begonia poetry.Just than Xue Lin book than mo, always think name in immortal side.Who set a foil color, and friends, but into the clouds.This is far away from home, don’t mention how the flesh and blood le.Shi Xiangyun spring sleep begonia feeling, bird treading branches, do not wake up the wind also laugh.Don’t mess with the sunset really good, only love garden.Quick mouth two elder brother deny to, xu is by no reason, just is difficult to tune.What is the most acacia and comparison?Xiangjiang river to bosom friend less.Seven, wonderful jade together in cui Nunnery really wonderful encounter, quality if lotus, only hide eaves rain.Childe side empty self, denier thought wine into phase.Unexpectedly, the world of mortals, how happy, sill outsiders lightly.If it is lonely and finally fall, who will save you to go south?Eight, Jia Xichun from the red door prefer to loose, love danqing, pen at the end of the autumn Yan.Spring breeze on the shelf is illusory, there is only cold plum stream beside.Difficult to manage the vulgar three meals, who to leave, and rely on the judgment of heaven.Put down the heart to repair the next wish, straight back to cui Nunnery practice.Although Jia Yingchun has been in Yingchun spring, empty chess, but a side of more than dishes.He and withered peng chat and worship, endure the sound of stepping outside the red door.See daughter ci zu love, Sun Shao also received, cui pillow is still strange.Pity is hard to see color, let life and death really helpless.Ten, Wang Xifeng beautiful beautiful youth fairy generation, the most is smart, up and down can mei.10 thousand kinds of amorous feelings who is not drunk, and teach alley fly cold tears.Calculate all organs resigned hui, eventually let the world of mortals, dragged into the abyss.How is a roll of withered wormwood sinful?Commit to sleep with the barren mountain.Li Wan used to be an official poor girl, married into a wealthy family, willing to add yu.How material world lonely place, life only to the autumn window language.It is difficult to read three baskets of sentences, even as a farmer.Hutch bamboo hedge often catkin, red house alone this non cold royal.Qin Keqing woke up the frost has drunk, how to heaven incense, building hook back.Not xiaorong son loyal and kui, let the words are to.Love is not sin, should look at gentle, win high court.Lost but spoony but mei, police fairy lead to tired in vain.Qiao sister was born in the rich day destined, don’t ask the source, but into the Liu family name.Weaving and ploughing incense sheng, who said this can become a disease?He saw the lion turned into a stool, and his parents and brothers fell into gardens and Wells.Yesterday morning did not wake up today, leaving only memory without scenery.Note: Reading a Dream of Red Mansions, I pay most attention to these people.But Cao Weng was so thoughtful that he could not understand many things, let alone what he was trying to do.Writing about people, but in different ways, names, things, the past, the future, have become a lot of mystery.There’s a line here, a dot there, always guessing.I read it many times, but still couldn’t figure it out, and scribbled.