Charter, package, charter!Fujian has taken back 7,294 migrant workers

2022-07-17 0 By

N Haidu all-media reporter Tang Mingliang learned from the provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security that in order to boost the “good start” of the first quarter, Fujian has carried out the “12345 spring warming migrant workers” action, and orderly promoted the stabilization of post and work after the Spring Festival.According to the provincial people and social office staff, “12345 spring warming migrant workers” action contains 5 aspects.Among them, “1” is to set up a special work team, which is responsible for dynamically tracking the employment demand of enterprises, creating the “through train” for recruiting migrant workers from outside the province, organizing and carrying out a series of recruitment activities for migrant workers from within the province, such as “Spring Breeze Action” and “Spring warmth for migrant workers”, and timely analyzing and analyzing the situation of employment shortage and return of migrant workers from enterprises.”2″ to strengthen the two measures, namely the dynamic tracing enterprise employee needs, on February 3, the entire province people club department conducted among 2550 companies, involving total staff of 851900 people, the first time about the enterprise labor demand during the Spring Festival and holiday migrant workers return to work serious deficiency QingChanShi management of enterprise, will follow up support.People club hall at the same time, strengthen the policy advocacy, province issued by the steady work steady work to promote a “good start” policy (pocket book), will be released around hire labor policy summary in the province people club website and WeChat public hall, to adopt various forms to send policy into the enterprise, into the village and household, ensure that made known to the migrant workers return to encourage policy.”3″ refers to carrying out “three surveys” to assess the situation of migrant workers returning to their hometown and post in advance, complete the study and evaluation of migrant workers’ short-time working, and monitor the deployment and employment situation.”4″ is to optimize the “four services”, that is, strengthening the services of stabilizing post and work, strengthening the publicity and guidance for returning rural migrant workers to find employment nearby, carrying out special activities of public employment services, and strengthening inter-provincial labor service cooperation.In terms of services for ensuring stable employment, the provincial-level government has issued six measures for a “good start” in 2022, and local governments have also formulated supporting measures to grant one-off rewards and subsidies to enterprises to ensure stable employment for migrant workers.Quanzhou disposable steady employment for up to 1000 yuan/person, fuzhou every introduced one new employee reward 500 yuan, the relief of xiamen for eligible employer give 500 yuan/person, putian to absorb direct labor, skills, talents, employment difficult personnel per capita 1000 yuan respectively, 1500 yuan, 2000 yuan enterprise subsidies for standard.”5″ is the “five send activities”, that is, “send post, send skills, send health, send safety, send warmth”.In terms of delivery posts, the province organizes point-to-point transportation for migrant workers to return to their hometowns and posts, and supports them to return to their hometowns and posts in a safe and orderly manner.By February 11, 7294 migrant workers had been picked up point-to-point in the province, including 10 chartered flights (special lines) and 1,999 migrant workers.Package one trip, pick up 535 migrant workers, chartered 179 vehicle times, pick up 4,834 migrant workers, realize the precise transportation from “home” to “factory gate”.Editor: Chen Chen