Closing deal!Can James Harden fulfill his title dream by leaving the Nets to join Embiid in Philadelphia

2022-07-17 0 By

From the trade deadline is less than two hours of time, fans are drawn to harden and simmons swaps finally have the results, in 76 and the nets management under the condition of bargaining with each other, the final answer is that the Philadelphia 76 ers sent away simmons, Seth, garage, drummond, add two first-round draft picks, one of which is not protected in 2022 the first round,The other is the protected 2027 first-round pick who traded Nets point guard James Harden to the team.At this point, nearly a week of Harden and Simmons swap drama finally came to an end, both teams were satisfied with the results.Earlier nets coach Steve Nash said harden would never leave the team in an interview with the media, only to be slapped in the face.The Nets broke up half the team and gave away so many draft picks last season to get Harden, and now harden has become Simmons.For Harden, the 76ers were already in his mind last season, but the result was a big circle to join the 76ers, and the Nets in this year, the three combined only 16 games, can be said to be a complete failure, now Simmons, although he is not MVP level player, but still considered a giant.The 76ers’ trade discussions with the Nets for Harden had been dominated by maxie and Sable, and they didn’t want to part with two of the team’s key players, especially Sable, who the 76ers considered unsellable.Why the two teams waited until the trade deadline to make a deal is the conundrum of Sable, after all, Seth Curry shooters are everywhere in the league, but can defend Sable is very rare.In the end, the Sixers kept the two young players and acquired Harden, leaving the team virtually intact.As for the Nets, harden was on the verge of leaving, and if they didn’t move him before the trade deadline, the Nets would have lost everything they could get for him, but eventually relent and traded him for draft picks.After simmons came to the Nets, he was able to play. He also rested for half a year this season, I don’t know what the new trio of Simmons, Irving, Durant can spark, and the Nets added Draymond such a good inside, the team’s strength did not drop too much.For now, it looks like a win-win move, as the Sixers gave away a Max salary cap player for a former MVP-caliber player, and the Nets stopped their losses without breaking a bone.It won’t be long before the all-star selection process begins, and it’s unclear if Durant will choose harden as his old teammate.”Harden and Embiid will be one of the best duos in the game,” said Perkins.Back when the Thunder lost in the Finals, everyone thought it was just the beginning, but Harden left the rockets and ended the Thunder’s championship dreams.Now Durant will have harden’s departure story all over again, but this time the culprit is Irving, who is largely responsible for the big Three’s failure.The Nets still haven’t stopped strengthening, and two sixers picks could be traded at any time.It’s not clear how Harden and Simmons will feel facing their former team when the teams meet for the first time since the big trade on March 11.