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A college freshman in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, recently wrote hundreds of words on the leadership message board of The People’s Daily online, suggesting the city “increase the business atmosphere and build an Internet celebrity city”, expressing his concern about social and public affairs by offering suggestions.After receiving the message, “Nanchang Municipal Party Committee of Jiangxi Province Folk Voice channel” soon made a reply: as a freshman, the focus is on learning, I hope you can put more energy on learning, smooth graduation and employment, to make more contributions to the society.You are expected to think more carefully and make more constructive suggestions on areas that you think could be improved so that there is more room for manoeuvre.In the comments section of the news, many netizens ridiculed the students who made the suggestion, saying that “listening to nothing outside the window and only reading sage books” was the ideal model for students.From the standard of public policy, the specific measures proposed by the student only listed some existing practices in other places without in-depth field research, which is far from being feasible.However, considering the actual age of the student and his knowledge reserve, he has reflected relatively strong thinking desire and expression ability.In the opinion of some netizens, college students have never been out of society, lack practical experience and are only good at armchair warfare.However, it is also clear that practical experience is a long process of accumulation, and a person should go through a process of continuous practice and exploration to become mature from immaturity and to become experienced from lack of experience.Might as well to college students more tolerance, less harsh, after all, no one can walk out of the campus of that moment, on the spot to become a mature “social person”.In fact, whether it is to actively pay attention to social public affairs, or publicly express opinions and suggestions, are the performance of college students to apply what they have learned, more can be said to be an excellent social practice lesson.It is also an important way to stimulate students’ autonomy and improve their individual comprehensive ability and personality.More broadly, this is also part of the problem of improving the quality of higher education.It is also a learning process for college students to set their sights on the society and make positive suggestions and suggestions.We have no reason to mock and ridicule their enthusiasm for learning and the spirit of practice.After all, “the paper come zhongjue shallow, must know this to practice”, only feet with soil to perceive, in order to walk out of their own life track.In this regard, we might as well give advice to college students more tolerance, more encouragement.Editor: Cao Chen statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: