Huoshan County Urban Management Bureau: To deal with the rain, snow and ice, we are in action

2022-07-17 0 By

According to the meteorological department weather forecast, After January 25, dabie mountain area will usher in medium to heavy snow, Huoshan County urban management bureau early deployment, early planning, fully engaged in snow removal, deicing, anti-freezing, anti-skid response work.In order to take emergency precautions against low-temperature rain, snow and freezing weather, on the one hand, technical personnel are arranged to install and debug large snow removal vehicles and equipment such as snow roller and snow shovel to ensure the normal operation of snow removal vehicles;On the other hand, inventory the snow removal materials, increase the input of manpower and material resources, and do a good job of snow melting agent, anti-skid material and other snow removal materials.At present, snow removal emergency supplies and mechanical equipment have been deployed in place, and all personnel are on standby to ensure timely and efficient snow and ice removal on urban roads, so as to provide a safe and smooth travel environment for the majority of residents.Source: Urban Management Bureau of Huoshan County