Is this a good year to buy a house?You’ll find the answer after you read it

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I am Xing Shu, the house buying advisor you have never met before, who has provided the best solution for 8000 people to buy a house.Star uncle unlike other we media, secretive let you feel confused!Xing Shu belongs to the actual combat school. He only says the most useful operation and advice to you.Uncle, I expect a replacement houses in Shanghai by the end of this year, now live in the house and no replacement of accumulation fund loan, then the current accumulation fund balance each month 0, would like to ask now I have the necessary to advance the provident fund loans to pay off, and then save a year of accumulation fund balance, to prepare for replacement house apply for provident fund loans.Answer: accumulation fund can borrow again after returning loan ahead of schedule.However, the loan to buy a house again counts as two sets of buying, down payment 6-70%, loan interest rate float 1.1 times.Deed tax is 3% of sum deed tax without privilege, some local regulation, accumulation fund loan pays off after half an year, just can apply for again, so, with your local regulation is accurate.Provident fund does not recommend repayment in advance mainly because repayment in advance needs to pay a penalty for breach of contract. Generally speaking, 2% of loan principal will be charged as penalty for breach of contract after one or two years of loan repayment, and the lowest is 20,000 yuan;If the loan is repaid in advance within two or three years, 1% of the loan principal will be charged as a penalty, with a minimum of 10,000 yuan.Provident fund loan interest rate itself is very low, loan interest will not be a lot of, and the liquidated damages that repayment needs to pay in advance is calculated to come down even higher than repayment interest, so it is not cost-effective to say provident fund repayment in advance theoretically.Question: Hello, Xingshu, a house is in a hurry to get rid of recently. It has been sold for two months and there is no movement. Do you need to adjust the price?Answer: selling house, generally not recommended hanging test can sell not to sell, the house hanging there for a long time, will let the house source lose freshness.For a week, the information can be transmitted to all intermediaries nearby;Three weeks is the peak viewing period. If the client is interested, he will make a counteroffer and usually bring his family to review the house.The house is reasonably priced and can be sold in about a month under normal market conditions.Because, nearby intermediary on hand potential customers, in a month, generally can take time to see the house, comparison, make decisions.If the total value of the house is high, or the customer base is relatively small, two to three months is the normal time to sell.Hot house if more than 2 months, ordinary house if more than 3 months, if the mansion plate more than half a year.You have to think about the price mismatching the market, and then you have to adjust the price appropriately.Question: Xing Shu: Hello!Would like to ask chongqing this year’s secondary housing market trend how?Which parts of the main city have advantages?Is it nice along Beibin Road?Answer: Chongqing’s second-hand housing listing volume has exceeded 200,000 units.It can be seen that the supply-demand relationship of the property market has changed as investors have started to act.Instead of buying, there are fewer buyers in the market, and both new and second-hand homes are already heavily oversupplied as investors dump their properties.Real estate enterprises have gone bankrupt, capital chain shortage, financing difficulties and other problems, resulting in a lot of real estate are in the shutdown of rights protection, and even become a rotten end of the risk.Recently, the housing trade signals: the real estate industry began to return to rational development.The real estate market is not clear yet, the debt crisis of real estate enterprises may appear, the market recovery may have to wait for the second half of this year.In other words, in the first half of 2022, chongqing’s real estate industry is still in a relatively cold and depressed state.Beibin Road in Chongqing, the first echelon of housing prices, the location of the scarcity of Beibin road, the core area of the two rivers and four banks are relatively strong.Specific high value real estate, see knowledge planet internal share.Question: hello, is wuxi worth getting on the train?If so, which location?What time?Answer: Hello, start with Wuxi to give some suggestions: 1, money enough, of course, is the best plate, the open is the first choice, the total price must be prepared more than 3 million.2, money is limited, taikeyuan and Sidong New City can be the second choice, one is the industry, the other is the school, after all, Sidong New City has the headquarters and base planning, plus the high-speed railway station is there, there is a strong sense of expectation.3. For the third tier, I suggest tianyi New City and Qianqiao section of Xixi New City, which are both close to the main urban area. Tianyi New City also passes by the subway, and there is a certain price difference between the price and the core area, so there will be space to make up for it.Wuxi regulation policy has been very comprehensive, with wuxi “restricted”, “price”, “limit loan” policy, as the “830” the New Deal, “two for” concentrate, “building a second-hand housing price information release mechanism” and so on a series of New Deal, the land price, stable prices, stable expected three goals, good implementation in wuxi, the whole market leveled off,So the current wuxi probability will not become a real estate tax pilot.Wuxi property market window period came, it is a good time to buy a house.Wuxi specific buying suggestions, see internal sharing.The article is from the official wechat account of Xingshufangtan