New Economy e line 2022 New Year message

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“Time flies, season is a stream.”In the past year of 2021, public offering funds have made a mark in history.There is no doubt that public funds are experiencing a great era of magnificent and rapid growth.On the one hand, the size of publicly offered funds exceeded 25 trillion yuan, another record high.Equity funds, in particular, achieved a triple jump, from 3 trillion yuan to 6 trillion yuan to 8 trillion yuan.On the other hand, the total market value of A-shares held by public funds is close to 6 trillion yuan, accounting for the highest level of a-share circulation market value in the past decade, and the market discourse power is further enhanced.As a witness and observer of the golden age of public funds, new Economy E line feels lucky and proud.As Kazuo Inamori said, “Everything you do is the same. You can only do it with dedication and enthusiasm.”Focus on the field of capital management, and deliver professional, authoritative voice, this is the new economy E line is committed to the pursuit of the goal.Road resistance and long, line will come;Line and stop, the future can be.We have reason to believe that the future of the wealth management industry will be a sea of stars, and public funds will sail far and wide.This is just as we are on the road to the future, there will always be all kinds of ups and downs, but we will still make our way forward.On the occasion of the approaching of the Spring Festival, New Economy E Line thanks you for your support and trust all the time, and looks forward to moving forward with you in 2022 and living up to the opportunities of The Times.I wish you a successful investment, peace and joy, and good luck in the New Year!The E line of the New Economy is a member of the Interface JMedia Alliance and the 2019 Hurun Report Excellent Financial We-media, which has ant Wealth personal column “New Capital”.New economy e line has entered toutiao today, Snowball, a little information, Sina Financial headlines, Sohu, Big fish, Baidu Baijia, Penguin, NetEase, Hexun Mingjia, Ant Wealth community, tongshun, Eastern Wealth wealth number and other platforms