Poetry: Ordinary

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An eagle is floating in the sky, looking down at the earth with its piercing eyes. The clouds are gradually rising, the grass on the earth is gradually blurred, not even a trace of wind is lost. And my uplifted face is gradually sinking into the depths of the yearsLow to like a nondescript wild flower in the grass This in my middle age, life experience deeper in recent years I can’t say sadness and joy I want is the rest of the day to have a daughter, I love a wasted my time with my wife on hay while the sun not old and pointed the grasshopper ants say hello PALS and hurried homeMing Xiaodong, male, a native of Tussahui, Shaanxi province, member of Shaanxi Writers Association.Before graduating from high school, he dropped out of school and worked as migrant workers on construction sites, working journalists, middle school teachers and government staff.At present, there are more than 2000 novels, poems, prose and other literary works scattered in literary periodicals throughout the country, published a collection of short stories “Running in the Rain”, works dozens of times selected by various authoritative selections, college entrance examination and teaching materials.For more poems and articles, please pay attention to Mingxiaodong’s wechat public account: “Private Land of Literary uncle”