Poetry | Su Haiming: Rhythm of the Heart (Series of Poems)

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The rhythm of spring winter snow quietly woke up to cast aside the full of thoughts hidden in a season in the sun’s greedy love into a shallow stream yawn, grass gently spit out light green, in every corner blooming languid lazy and tenacious life twigs huaichun by weak soft breeze hit broken pregnancy,Childbirth in the movement of the writing of the awaken of spring full of vitality of the peach blossom bud bud with little shyness fright the bee mating dance butterfly bloom of jealousy with affection road jialing river from ancient conceptions of graceful and restrained and leisurely to tread the rhythm in spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons light spirit without without makeup and side up loess teary ending in your Cambridge ripples of warm bosom that strong body let the wind of the cutter cut lineRelease straightforward original force feeling with deep bold song tells the longing for the mother river to does not abandon love and depend on if the fishing fright you quiet ripple oar of micro wave fishing fructus greed chasing your body with lightsome harvest night sing credit your generous gift generations a naked in the river and with industrious and simple mind with your fragrance and ethylene glycol in the water side of the green land of fish and riceIn the corner of the Western Mountains, in the cold wind, in the dust of the years quietly gone by, look at the clouds, the clouds, the clouds, the clouds, the traces of vicissitudes of life, indulge in a cup of liquor,How much lamentation BaoZhan a pool of deep fragrance thick ink and meditate on the past memories was written from the lofty sentiments of the horses that passes around cooking wine flavour, those who once the heroes on wishes early in the cycle of rebirth chibi burning the ashes of the cruelty and greed of human nature rolls of long axis that total also wanbuhui-old lup black silk ribbon scarf little desire to marry of romantic life in the early in the season of spring tides occur ripples,The longing for life has already blossomed into a blooming lotus seed, waiting for a beautiful encounter, timidly waiting for a beautiful encounter. The fragile heart of the feeling has been locked by the shackles of reality and reason into a prickly frozen rose that spreads its protective wings.There is no such heavy and complicated floating in the sun gently fade the delicate and shy neon clothes release the most primitive desire to allow the passion of life to sing into the sad quatrains