Red bean born south, spring hair a few branches?Pengfei Lu of Shanghai University of Science and Technology revealed a new mechanism of vertebrate branch morphogenesis

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“Red beans grow in the south and sprout branches in spring” — a popular poem describes the phenomenon of plants growing by branching.Interestingly, branching in nature is also one of the most basic forms of organogenesis in various animals.At present, most of the knowledge about vertebrate clade morphogenesis is based on the research on invertebrates such as drosophila.On the morning of February 16, 2022 Beijing Time,Abstract: LGL1 Binds to Integrin β1 and inhibits downstream signaling to promote epithelial growthThe shoot shoot in the Mammary gland “.We found that epithelial branching morphogenesis in vertebrates is distinct from invertebrate morphogenesis and is regulated by polar protein LGL1.Based on previous studies in drosophila, it has been assumed that directional migration of cells determines the location and direction of branching.However, lu and his team found that when mouse mammary epithelial cells were deprived of an important polar protein, LGL1, they lost the ability to direct migration, but the branching morphogenesis of mammary glands was only slightly affected, suggesting that previous models of branching morphology need to be re-examined.Another unexpected finding was that the loss of LGL1, an important polar protein in invertebrates, did not result in a loss of polarity or defect in epithelial tissue, suggesting that its function was compensated for by other unknown proteins.Since cell polarity, i.e., the asymmetric distribution of components including organelles, membrane domains and cytoskeleton, is a basic feature of all living cells and plays a key role in regulating many important biological processes such as tissue morphogenesis, cell fate, cell function and homeostasis,These findings highlight the importance of studying new mechanisms of polarity regulation in vertebrate epithelial tissues.Finally, we demonstrate that LGL1 regulates directed migration of mammary epithelial tissues by binding to and regulating the integrin β1 signaling pathway.Figure: Morphogenesis of mammary branches.Rongze Ma is the first author and Professor Pengfei Lu is the corresponding author.Gong Difei (class of 2020), You Huan-yang (Class of 2021), Xu Chong-Shen (Class of 2021), Lu Yun-zhe (Associate Professor), Gabriele Bergers (University of California, San Francisco), Zena Werb, Ophir Klein, and Claudia (Stanford University)Petritsch was involved in the study.Shanghai University of Science and Technology is the first completion unit.The research was supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Research Start-up Fund of Shanghai University of Science and Technology.Relevant papers information: