Shandong: big ye is called “pay treasure”, ever Sue Ma Yun claim for compensation 1 million, afterwards how?

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With the rapid development of the information age, the Internet has affected every aspect of people’s life.Speaking of Jack Ma’s name, I believe people are familiar with him, and he created Alipay under Alibaba Group, which can be described as the most important mobile payment tool in the current era of mobile payment, and wechat Payment has become the “mainstay” of the era of mobile payment.Mobile payment tool to break the original the boundaries of time and space, realize the consumption anytime and anywhere, but in real life, there will be some more coincidence events, there was a man named alipay shandong big ye, because his name and filed a lawsuit against the pay treasure this mobile payment tool, “pay treasure” and “pay treasure” of the two who wins,Many netizens were also curious.Pay treasure payment in domestic at present also has a great influence, especially the emergence of social software, now WeChat became the national biggest social software, after also introduced a derivative tools, that is WeChat payments, swept through a simple code, and then enter the password, can complete consumption, anytime and anywhere is very convenient for many users.With the constant change and increase of people’s demand, Alipay has launched many functions in order to better meet the needs of users. In addition to alipay payment, it is more important to spend and borrow.Plus pay treasure now backs to alibaba group, now it is basically realized the function of food and clothing live line related, and the both taobao and alibaba is hungry, it can be seen in the country is in the center of the influence is relatively wide, whether it is a five-star hotel now or unincorporated, basically can see WeChat pay and pay treasure to pay.Is the so-called forest big, what birds have, the occurrence of some events is accidental events, is such as Alibaba Group in the name of alipay is not going to know, the original will also be called Alipay, and this event is really a very coincidence, “Alipay” to the end will encounter “Alipay”.Now in shandong province has a big ye are called pay treasure, because in their village, most of the people is the name, pay and pay treasure elder brother is called shun, his brother is to pay, his sister is called pay cost, from the perspective of the name, although in the countryside, the name is not deliberately to pursue the point,At the beginning, alipay was also related to the stable life of a family.Because when Alipay goes deep into rural areas with the development of The Times, the three characters of Alipay can be seen in the streets and alleys, followed by the three characters of Alipay, is a blue box, and this Alipay, is now more convenient for people to use Alipay to pay.This is why Alipay wants to extend its business to all parts of the country after its launch, so it will inevitably go to rural areas to develop, and this grandpa originally did ordinary grocery store business, zhi Grandpa also has a truck, so that it can facilitate their own travel.As Alipay became more and more popular in rural areas, the mobile payment APP disrupted Uncle Zhi’s original life and made his life become restless.Because the name of Zhi Grandpa and Alipay overlap, zhi Grandpa is an old man, when someone asked if he could use Alipay to scan the code to pay, Zhi Grandpa did not understand the changes brought by the Internet, and he did not use mobile phones and the Internet much.So for the younger generation of the younger call his name, he would feel very polite, even after the grandson to participate in the activities of the alipay, but loud screaming that pay treasure to send a red envelope, and as a grandfather who walked the big ye, after listening to the then you will feel very confused, the big ye ask around after, to understand,Just know the original now people say alipay, is actually the street with a blue box APP.This is a mobile payment software that can complete the transaction by scanning the code of smart phone payment. Since Zhi grandpa has lived in the countryside for a long time and has a relatively feudal and conservative concept, it would not be good if his name became a symbol of people’s calling and calling.Even the villagers will because pay treasure these three words kidding big ye, big ye heard will be unable to accept, then pay treasure to the big ye name was sent to the Internet, even became a kind of fun, but pay treasure to the big ye think this is the villagers and net friends laughing at him, so he thought it would be to Sue pay treasure to the mobile APP.Although in fact uncle in the back with their own unique name and fire, there are also a lot of net friends and net red want to win the eye, thus came to alipay uncle’s store to buy goods, and even some do not buy goods, just to see the legendary Alipay uncle.With more and more attention being paid to zhi, his reputation in China is getting louder and louder. After that, He even participated in some large-scale variety shows. For Zhi, this really changed his ordinary life before, but it also made him feel more trouble.Because many web celebrity friends in a business and want to cooperate with the big ye, by means of ceng heat and the big ye if cooperate, and will be more trouble, the big ye to want to return to his previous life, decided to Sue the alibaba group, alipay because he think is his name, cannot be barking people casually.In China’s relevant laws, everyone’s right to name will be protected. This time, uncle Zhi chooses to Sue Alibaba Group, so he must go through relevant legal procedures.Because if the name in the enterprise before the trademark registration, then alipay this mobile APP if not completed trademark registration, or is the uncle has been registered in advance, then Alipay is equal to the infringement of uncle zhi’s name right.But in fact, the big ye did not give their names to trademark registration, and the pay treasure to mobile APP is already completed a registered trademark, the actions of such a branch of the big ye for many net friends, will feel the big ye is intentionally offend the alibaba group, want to improve your heat, take this event is called the hype.The big ye after sued alipay mobile APP, of course, is therefore lost, many netizens on the image of the big ye also changed, as alibaba group’s pay treasure, was charged in this time, not to the big ye to court, is on the social platform said want to cooperate with the big ye,Want to create pay treasure demonstration storefront together.Although the big ye not very understand the Internet and how to use the Internet, and pay treasure to staff is with the attitude of sincere cooperation came to shandong, and with a big ye to talk about the cooperation matters, so the big ye after agreed to open a pay treasure to model shop, for the big ye and his family, is very wise choice.In fact, uncle zhi will pay alipay after the court, which can also be seen that uncle is forced to, because he also wants to return to their normal life, he was in the normal store, through legal business to improve their life.But did not think that after their own fire, many net red and enterprises in order to be able to ceng grandpa’s heat and many times came to the store, that will inevitably affect the grandpa’s business, and even bring a lot of trouble to the uncle.Uncle Zhi’s every move will be exposed under the network, exposed in the eyes of all the netizens, but every do a little wrong, will be a lot of netizens said that uncle Zhi does not have much legal awareness, as an ordinary farmer uncle zhi, very hope that they can return to the normal life before,Therefore, he wants to change the name of Alipay APP by suing alipay APP. Only in this way, he can return to the normal life before and he will not be troubled by these troubles.Now Zhi and Alipay have opened a cooperative shop, which can not only maintain their original shop business, but also get a real cooperation opportunity, so that their family can live a stable life.