South Korean athletes complain about bad food in winter Olympics village, Japanese media: Only South Korean athletes said so

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Beijing Winter Olympic Games are being held, but some South Korean athletes have complained about the food in the winter Olympic village, according to south Korean media.Some Japanese media said on August 8 that its winter Olympics reporters were “puzzled” because the Japanese athletes found the food delicious, the reporters also found it delicious, and there was no complaint from other countries except the South Korean delegation.The Japanese edition of The Joongang Ilbo noticed the Japanese media’s report and began to extract the main points, saying, “Korean athletes complained about the food in the Winter Olympics village, and The Japanese media said that only Korean athletes did so.”As a result, many Japanese netizens criticized the Korean athletes in the comments section, saying they have no manners and only speak ill of them.According to Korean media Joongang Ilbo and Seoul Economic Daily, some South Korean athletes have complained that the food served at the Beijing Winter Olympics village canteen is mostly greasy and not to The taste of South Koreans.Yoon Sung-bin, a South Korean men’s skeleton bobsledder, said the food was “the worst” and the meat was too much but not tasty. He even said, “Chinese people don’t seem to know how to cook.”Chung Jae-won, a South Korean speed skater, also claimed in an interview that “the food was not good” and that he had never eaten at the winter Olympics village canteen.And South Korean women’s speed skater Kim Bo-ryeong, who told Korean media, “AFTER I read the menu, I wanted to go home.”In response to the Korean media’s reports, The Japanese asahi Shimbun weekly AERA published an article on Monday, saying, “Korean athletes said the food in the Beijing Winter Olympics village was bad, while Japanese athletes said it was delicious. There are no complaints.”In its report, AERA first introduced the south Korean athletes’ complaints, but then changed the story to say that “a Japanese journalist who is in Beijing to cover the Winter Olympics was puzzled by this.”The reporter said that the Japanese athletes said that the village will provide More than 100 dishes such as Chinese food, Asian food, pizza, pasta and salad.The Japanese athletes were “surprised” when they were introduced to reports that Korean athletes complained about bad food. “I am not dissatisfied with the food,” they told the reporters.Instead, I try not to eat too much to control my weight.The reporter added that the journalists ate at the media center and “the taste was fine, but it was a little expensive.”AERA also reported that there were no complaints from other countries except the Korean delegation about the food in the athletes village.”Everyone has different tastes, but the cooks at the Beijing Training Village must have been very confused (by the Korean reaction).”The AERA report was picked up by south Korean newspaper Joongang Ilbo after it was published.The Japanese edition of The Joongang Ilbo published an article on Monday, saying, “There are a lot of bad comments about the food of the Beijing Athletes’ Village, but the Japanese media say that only the Korean athletes are particularly unhappy,” and directly named AERA.However, in the comments section of Yahoo News, many Japanese netizens criticized the Korean athletes.One of the most liked comments, for example, read: “Japanese players who are unhappy with their food choose to put up with it.However, if the point is too much, the athletes will consult with the Japanese team’s agreement committee, and the team will communicate with China, and then the two sides will decide what to do.If not, we will provide meals to the Japanese players with the consent of the Chinese side.We are not like some countries where we are noisy and say bad things and serve food without permission.”If you choose to compete, etiquette and courtesy are important.”The second-most-liked comment added: “Not only the South Korean athletes, but anyone who complains about the food and indoor products of the Olympics, I think they are very sad.If you have hosted the Olympics in your country, you will know that from ballpoint pens to the land and buildings in the Olympic village, the taxes are paid by the people of the host country.Do you have any idea how hurtful such remarks are to the people of the host country?They don’t give you bad food or cheap beds.In addition, Tokyo and Beijing are under financial pressure and hold games without spectators.Are you that great athletes?It’s ok to have complaints in private, but I don’t think it should be broadcast to the world.”One Japanese netizen said bluntly, “It’s like going to a friend’s house and saying, ‘Your food is terrible, I want to go back’.What a rude attitude.Are you competing for a good meal in the Olympic Village?Or do you just want to boast that your country’s cuisine is number one?In any case, while watching other athletes enjoying the delicious food in Beijing Olympic Village, you chose to eat the cold box lunch prepared by your country like a convenience store lunch.”It should be mentioned that according to yonhap news Agency, the Korea Sports Council said on February 3 that a catering center for the South Korean delegation to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will be put into operation from February 4.The catering center is only a 15-minute drive from the Beijing Winter Olympics Village.Fourteen people, including chefs from the Jincheon Athletes Village, will serve Korean lunch to the Korean delegation from July 4 to 17.The Korea Sports Council also opened a catering center at a hotel in Uraichi, Chiba Prefecture, during the Tokyo Summer Olympics last year.This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.