The 20th anniversary Thanksgiving gives back to the national online live group buying will greatly benefit

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To shop after yi qi xiu interaction: draw attention to trill to receive cash bonus for the exquisite gift, data line, tea sets and other special car to snap up: 3 special vehicles, 35000 yuan cash offers the highest financial interest-free ritual: zero down payment / 0 interest, 1-5 years interest-free financial arbitrarily selected replacement subsidies: special limited-time replacement subsidies to 15000 yuan lifelong maintenance:Purchase of designated Beijing Hyundai models free lifelong maintenance services all insurance free gift: purchase of designated Beijing Hyundai models free delivery insurance, commercial insurance (including vehicle damage, three 500,000) present gift: online payment 99 yuan, to the store is a gift of 5KG rice intention buying gift:New gift: Old customers can get 500 Yuan Longwan Park General redemption coupon when they introduce new customers. Lucky Golden Egg Gift: If you buy a car and hit golden egg, you will win 100% of the lottery, and you will have the opportunity to draw 50 inch Mi TV and other home appliances luxury gift Douyin live gift:Pay attention to tik Tok Direct broadcast 9.9 snatch maintenance activities