This place of peace is my hometown | after experiencing the epidemic, she chose to spend the Spring Festival there to protect her “second hometown”.

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Editor’s note: “Spring Festival on the spot” is still a key word of this year’s Spring Festival, and it is also the special adherence of countless people from other places.During the Spring Festival, we invited 8 young people who stayed in Kunming to share their stories.Among them are students and teachers from different countries, food delivery boys and supermarket employees.The place where the heart is stable is the hometown. As they live in their “second hometown”, they also have a thick New Year flavor.”I used to think kunming has a good climate and is truly a spring city, but this year I think it is a warm city and it is my second hometown.”Yang Nan, from Tianjin, is now a financial manager at The Kunming branch of Hengtian Wealth. She has lived in Kunming for nearly 16 years.Last year, she was deeply touched by the COVID-19 outbreak in The Blue Light Tianjiaocheng Community, Chenggong District, Kunming city. Her parents, as residents in the community, received a lot of care and help during the containment at home.Here is what she said.A lot of things really impressed me in Kunming this year.At the beginning of the New Year, my parents, as residents of The Tianjiao District of Blu Light in Chenggong, received care and sympathy from the government, as well as many gifts.As we were unable to take care of the elderly ourselves during the lockdown, the whole family was moved to receive such warm holiday greetings.This Spring Festival, we have no travel plan, because my family has experienced the epidemic itself, know the epidemic prevention personnel is not easy, so we actively respond to the call of “Spring Festival in place”, take the elderly around the nearby park, happy to have a peaceful Year.People all over the country know Kunming as the city of flowers and the city of spring, but I think it is more open and inclusive, full of human touch and a warm city.I hope my Kunming, my second hometown, can develop better and better.Zhangshang Spring City Reporter: Liang Shuyue Editor: Bi Qun Editor: Zhou Xiaoxue Final: Zhou Jianjun related report & GT;>>After the peace is our township | 00 take-out little elder brother first peace in this place in kunming is my hometown | orchid guardian from guangdong: leave commercialisation of New Year’s day gives me more reassuring the peace is our township | supermarket staff Zhao Minglei: New Year’s day and new wife “cloud” get together on New Year’s eve this peace is my hometown | German teacher WeiNaShan:I and friends celebrate Chinese New Year this peace in kunming is my hometown | Lao wang wei: international students every year Spring Festival I felt very warm this peace is my hometown | Malone: Bangladesh international students give me enough sense of security statement: the city reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: