“Urban revitalization” push the window to see green, go out to see the garden!Poetry and distance are close at hand

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Jinlonghu Park for running, cycling and leisure;Longteng East Lake Park for peach blossom viewing;Jinji Mountain Forest Park with remote mountain view;Longxia Mountain Forest Park, where you can sing, dance and hang out…Now, a picture of a comfortable happy life is unfolding slowly in the parks of our city.A few days ago, citizens singing in the Longxia Mountain forest park.Peach blossoms in Longteng East Lake Park.File photo Citizens walk in Jinji Hill Forest Park.In recent years, the city has added many new parks, so that citizens can really enjoy the beauty, comfort and happiness brought by livable environment.”This park is very nice, very big, very green, fresh air, close to home, every day I bring my granddaughter to visit, look at the flowers and trees.”Recently afternoon, Aunt Cheng took her granddaughter to play in longteng East Lake Park not far from home. Since the park was built at home, Aunt Cheng has many good places for leisure and entertainment.Reporters into the Longteng East Lake park to see the pedestrian path clean and clean, flowers and trees luxuriant, although it is winter, but the park scenery is still very beautiful.Some of the citizens strolled leisurely in small groups on the health walk, gossiping;Some jog alone;Some are trying out the fitness facilities in the park, now try this, now play that, have fun.It is understood that Longteng East Lake Park is positioned as an urban garden, located in the southern district of Chongzuo City, east of friendship Avenue, south of Shijinglin Road, with peach blossom as the main feature of the display landscape, a total area of 9.35 hectares.The park landscape platform, fitness equipment, benches and so on, greatly meet the needs of the public on the doorstep of leisure, entertainment, fitness in one of the activities.It is reported that as of December 2021, there are a total of 35 parks in the urban area of The city, including 6 comprehensive parks such as Jinlong Lake Park and Jinjishan Forest Park, 15 community parks such as Longteng East Lake Park and Luoyue Park, and 14 street parks such as Huashan Road and Shijinglin Road.The completion of these parks has greatly enriched the places for citizens to visit and have a rest, making the city hidden in the forest and reflected in the flowers, and becoming a livable city worthy of the name of landscape garden city, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers, close to mountains and rivers, and sees green through the window. The happiness and satisfaction of the masses have been greatly improved.”In the next step, we will continue to promote the construction of urban parks, constantly describe the green ecological background of the city, create a ‘green when you push the window, garden when you go out’ living environment, so that citizens can enjoy the ‘green well-being’ brought by urban development at home.”Dong Mingliang, director of landscape Architecture section of Chongzuo Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, said that the construction of Fozi Forest Park, Fozi Lake, Shuikou Lake and the upper reaches of Shuikou Lake, Lanhuai Lake, Luoyue Lake, Longteng West Lake and other green water systems is being promoted, which is expected to be basically completed by 2022.Reporter | Lu Qiuying edit | Cao Zijian proofreading | Feng Minling A second trial | xiao-min xin SanShen | shao-xi huang statement: this article, all peer originator if there are sources of errors or infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of you, you can through the E-mail contact us, we will be handled in a timely manner.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com