What if the upstairs residents make a lot of noise?

2022-07-17 0 By

Upstairs residents, because of two young children, always restless.We who live downstairs have to put up with the noise made by the people upstairs.Most egregious of all, the two children often wear roller skates and slide around the house.In a word, the two children naughty, continuous noise, let a person very annoying.Mom tried to get up there a few times, but I stopped her.Kids are restless, there’s no use looking for them, and they’re ruining the neighborhood, so suck it up.Mom couldn’t stand it, so she kept nagging, and her inner voice kept amplifying the annoyance of the noise so that we all felt it too.Ignore these noises and don’t add to your troubles. Children will stop when they are tired of playing and won’t keep going.The more annoyed I am, the more INTOLERABLE I feel.My daughter and I kept quiet, trying not to be affected by the noise. When mom was complaining, we didn’t talk.I hope the adults upstairs can manage their children, let them quiet, perhaps adults can not do, children are naughty.Perhaps their own children are so noisy, no matter how annoying they can tolerate, other people’s children can not.