A brigade of the Air Force in the Western Combat Region: “Operational mobilization” entered the training schedule

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A brigade of the Air Force of the Western THEATER Command to promote the political work of military struggle to prepare for actual combat Go deep and go real — “combat mobilization” into the training scheduleBefore the drill, Chen Liang, an instructor of a mobile detachment of an AIR force brigade under the PLA Western Theater Command, had asked himself many times. When he saw all the officers and soldiers mobilized loudly on the day of the actual combat, he got the answer in his heart.”Comrades, our position is the first line of defense of the blue sky of the motherland;Behind us are our hometowns, parents and compatriots.We must rivet here like steel nails and never let enemy planes fly over us…””Can’t!Can’t!!!!!No!!”The officers and men answered sonorous, blood boiling, eyes clearly burning a fire.The next battle, Chen Liang while organizing command while mobilizing according to the situation, the morale of the officers and men is high, even against successive, the “enemy aircraft” was locked down.”I had no idea that operational mobilization would play such a big role!”After the review, the director group volunteered to credit the political work.According to the brigade leader, operational mobilization has always been an important magic weapon for the PLA to stimulate its troops’ combat effectiveness and achieve victory on the battlefield.However, it is undeniable that in peacetime military training, without the smoke of war and the test of life and death, there was a lack of specific levers for mobilization to exert its power.The brigade command to ensure a squadron instructor Zhang Zhihui this deeply felt.”Individual political cadres talk eloquently in their lectures, but it is often difficult to reach the heart of officers and men when mobilizing in emergencies.”Half a year ago, Zhang zhihui mobilized on the training ground for the first time. Although she had made full preparations in advance, she still blushed when standing in front of everyone.Why?He ran into another difficulty. “I found that when you get out of the context of the war, it doesn’t matter how much you rant.”It was this experience that gave Zhang a deep understanding of operational mobilization — it is sometimes more important to speak “like that” than to speak “like that”.For filling the short board, the brigade combat mobilization as a separate subject into the plans for military training, and form a normalized mechanism, let whole brigade political cadres like learn military command, to learn, learning to learn war mobilization, namely every day training before the mobilization of military training, every real soldiers against war mobilization drills organization, each a major task for war mobilization.Moreover, they also organize and tackle key tasks for different regions, missions and adversaries in future operations, so as to train front-line commanders with flexible and effective operational mobilization skills.”Operational mobilization is not just lip service. It involves a lot of knowledge.”The brigade publicity division section chief PeiZeChao tells a reporter, in order to improve operational mobilization of empathy, charisma, they organized speech study, psychology, pedagogy, mass communications and other professional knowledge training, watching the war theme of the film and television drama combat mobilization of wonderful scenes, structures, simulation class promotion in field application, the guide line commander to grasp the “degree of effect” of war mobilization,Identify the emotional “ignition point” of officers and soldiers.”Perhaps when peace comes, many of us will not be able to see that happy scene and be reunited with our loved ones.But our country will remember us, our loved ones will thank us, it is we who give them peace and happiness, it is we who show our enemies that our country is too strong to be bullied.”In the TV series “Meritorious Deeds”, the instructor Li Yannian was mobilized in a battle, which was repeatedly studied by the brigade’s front-line commanders as a classic case.Instructor Chen Liang and the reporter exchange learning experience: “The same words, said in different occasions, said by different people, the effect is very different.If you don’t get the hang of it, it can backfire.”Recently, along with several other instructors, he has been conducting a special study on improving the effectiveness of mobilization, taking advantage of the brigade’s plans to organize and improve operational political work programs.The reporter learned that this is only the brigade party committee to promote the political work of military struggle to prepare for actual combat to go deep and go real an epitome.Earlier this year, the brigade went to the snowy plateau, nearly 5,000 meters above sea level, to train with a focus on “ensuring that political work is always effective in preparing for war”.In the exercises with friendly and neighboring forces, they studied the timing, mode and extent of political work being embedded in various combat operations, explored the mechanism of political work serving to ensure combat effectiveness construction, and forced political cadres to improve their ability to perform duties in positions that meet the needs of future wars, and initially achieved a number of theoretical and practical achievements.