Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) : Strive to build an independent, controllable, safe and reliable aviation logistics industry chain and supply chain

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Beijing, February 16, People’s Daily Online (reporter Liu Jia) “14th Five-year plan” period, is the development pattern of China’s civil aviation expansion period, is also an important window period for the development of aviation logistics.In order to implement the directives of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on improving China’s air cargo capacity and enhancing the international competitiveness of China’s logistics industry, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of modern aviation logistics and promote the construction of a multi-field civil aviation power, according to the overall arrangements of the leading Group of Civil Aviation Planning,Civil Aviation Administration has prepared the “14th Five-year plan” for Aviation Logistics Development (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”).Liang Nan, director general of the Department of Transportation of civil Aviation Administration, said at a routine press conference today that as the first aviation logistics special planning, “planning” focuses on the content of the four major understanding of aviation logistics change traction.One is from “heavy passenger light goods” to “both passenger and cargo” transformation.To change the policy orientation of focusing on supporting passenger transport and implement the development strategy of “paying equal attention to both passenger and cargo”.Due to the low cost and wide access of passenger aircraft belly cargo, “the development of aviation logistics cannot simply pursue the increase in the number of full-cargo aircraft”, and it is necessary to coordinate the “passenger and cargo relationship”.For now and for some time to come, the belly remains one of the most realistic options.The second is the transformation from “field to field” to “door to door”.On the surface, China’s aviation logistics is weak in the air, but actually weak in the chain. The traditional air cargo service chain is short and mainly provides “airport-to-airport” transportation service, which is difficult to meet the “door-to-door” transportation demand, and lacks the first kilometer of cargo collecting capacity and the last kilometer of ground distribution capacity.The third is the transformation from a single format to a global ecology.The focus of development has expanded from a single transport chain to the integration of multiple production chains, and promoted the transformation of logistics from a single logistics link to logistics organization mode innovation to reduce costs and increase efficiency.We will promote in-depth cooperation between aviation logistics enterprises and express delivery, cross-border e-commerce, and manufacturing enterprises.The fourth is the transformation from industry management to integrated governance.Adhere to the system concept, give play to market mechanism and policy synergy of various departments, promote the transformation of aviation logistics production mode from professionalism to socialization, and create a new social governance model of precise governance and multi-party cooperation.Liang Nan, said the next step, as issued by the implementation of the “planning”, the civil aviation administration will jointly with the departments concerned to focus our planning implementation, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional air freight to a modern aviation logistics, strive to build its controlled, safe and reliable aviation logistics industry chain, supply chain, enhance the country’s economic security,To better meet the needs of modern aviation logistics for China’s economic and social development and people’s better life.