Guangdong and Liaoning again!In the first week of CBA all-star voting, Liao and Yue won 10 seats and Yi Jianlian won the vote

2022-07-18 0 By

On Feb. 17, the CBA officially announced the results of the first week of all-star starting voting. All the starting players in the north and South regions are from Guangdong and Liaoning. Yi Jianlian, Zhao Rui, Zhou Peng, Hu Mingxuan and Ren Junfei of guangdong are in the south region, while Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei, Zhang Zhenlin, Han Dejun and Fu Hao are in the north Region.Among them, Yi Jianlian was the king of the southern district and the king of the total number of votes in the first week, with 390,259 votes, while Zhang Zhenlin was the king of the northern district, with 338,819 votes.It can be seen that Guangdong and Liaoning are still the two teams with the highest popularity and the largest fan base in CBA games.CBA all-star eventually start last season, a total of eight players from guangdong, liaoning, the rest of the two was the housekeeper in xinjiang, and shenzhen Shen Zijie, in the midst of the yi’s state didn’t play for the bianconeri and therefore did not participate in the competition, and Kevin is leaving the CBA league this season, to Australia league play, therefore, the location of the housekeeper replaced by hey ma beautiful.In fact, guangdong and liaoning two teams, in addition to their teams becoming popular, the team’s core players strong, and they can hold the CBA all-star starter key reason that multiple seats this for 1 week starting 10 players, all have China men’s basketball team strength, the most inexperienced hey ma beautiful also participated in the Chinese men’s basketball team training camp,The remaining nine are serious national masters.The individual strength of the player is strong, and some people are popular, it is hard to avoid the all-star starting seat.Guangdong and Liaoning occupy half of the CBA league, which is not friendly to the development of the whole CBA League. Other CBA clubs and excellent players lack more opportunities to perform.Shen Zijie (Shenzhen), Hu Jinqiu (Guangzhou), Sun Minghui (Sun Minghui) and Zhao Yanhao (Guangzhou), Wu Qian (Zhejiang), Wang Zhelin (Shanghai sharks), ABudu (Xinjiang), Qi Lin (Qi Lin), Chen Yingjun (Guangzhou) and Jiang Yuxing (Jilin) deserve more attention.It is worth noting that last season in the CBA all-star players, there are two players left in China at present, the housekeeper and Liu Chuanxing, choose to Australia league play, hand in hand, and with good performance, a housekeeper to join the phoenix team in Australia, is the core, immediately Liu Chuanxing is step by step up from the bench, gradually become the main rotation.That means, can enter the CBA all-star game player, has the strength based on Australia’s professional league, the future, hope to have a lot of CBA league all-star can devote to Australia play, can be done, and compared the CBA league, league overall strength is stronger, Australia has many have power in the NBA player, the more intense confrontation, is conducive to progress.The development of Chinese basketball should not only look at THE CBA league, but also look outwards.(Lin Xiaoshi)