It’s always fun to hit James!Block shot + face shot!Wiggins once again won the no. 1 draft showdown in Cleveland

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Earlier in the night, golden State pulled off a 117-115 win over the Purple and Gold at Chase Center, and Wiggins had a great game, starting 32 minutes against lebron James, who had a chance to play with him.Made seven of 15 and scored 19 points and 4 rebounds assists 1 steals a universal data blocks, and that the only blocks, is precisely to lebron James, in the fourth quarter, James in the paint in the face of strong defensive preparation of wiggins layup, results were rejected by the big hat ruthless wiggins, another in the game, wiggins in the face of James’s tight defense,Also on him to a three point shot yan Yan, both ends of the offense and defense and lebron James did not lose the wind.Draft time back to the 14 years, was the second year in a row, smoke in the first sign of knights, chose one in 13 years after acquiring kwame Bennett, also finally begin to understand, in this year will be the talent to lebron James in Canada with top talent Andrew wiggins sign to take off, at a time when d perkins also ready to partner with James,But the team’s search for a third giant for Irving and James eventually sent Wiggins to the rebuilt Minnesota Wolves in exchange for then-double-double machine Kevin Love.After plot we all know, the knight after celebrating love, also won the team to success in 16 years history of the first championship trophy, and went to the cold Minnesota wiggins, also obtained the sufficient opportunity here, 16-17 once played a career best of 23.6 points and 4 rebounds, 2.3 assists, although welcomed,But wiggins feels as if he hasn’t fully lived up to his talent as the no. 1 overall pick.Fed up with Wiggins’ buddhist roots, the Timberwolves lost patience with him and shipped him to Golden State in ’19.Considering water when the warriors in brothers overwhelmingly ball, wiggins, have also been thought he wanted and star two words out, but never wanted to d perkins on both ends at the end of the season the stability of the play, he had let himself get the chance of a all-star starter, and this is his career for the first time in eight years all-star race trip.This time, in the face of the “ringleader” who has indirectly driven him away, Wiggins is naturally going to try his best to win the proof for himself.But leave the knight wiggins, nor all the blame on James, welcome back in the old zhan knight, also made clear he is to base on the present, as a rookie, the fledgling and wiggins obviously in conflict with the plan to win the championship and the team, if the knight had to cultivate him, James, Owen’s career is a waste of gold, and he will be sent out,It was good for both sides, the Cavs gaining power and the Timberwolves building their future, but wiggins couldn’t take the opportunity himself.This All-Star trip, James is for the little brother is very care, not long ago, the All-Star selection, James also called Wiggins into his team, and this All-Star weekend happened to be held in Cleveland, although can not represent the Cavaliers played a formal game, but believe that this “home”,Cleveland fans will give Wiggins a big round of applause.