Madha: Off with a military wife

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Yesterday was xiao Nian.Babaoshan Funeral Home mei Hall.Relatives and friends are seeing off military sister-in-law Li Guiqiong.The wind is cold and spring is far away.There was no usual sign-in book at the entrance, just a bunch of white flowers for everyone to mourn;The hall did not play mournful music, a burst of resounding is probably the army wife love to listen to music;In the middle, there are no portraits hanging on the walls. On the screen, there are recurring images of the old days of the military wife with her husband in uniform and their family.The beautiful and cheerful soldier’s wife had become a thin, expressionless, almost unrecognizable figure.Disease merciless!Make all the people who pass by her without tears.Li Guiqiong, military wife, passed away at 15:15 on January 23, 2022.She was born in August 1953 in Yanting County, Sichuan Province. She was the wife of Ren Zongqing, my former comrade-in-arms and leader when I was a secretary in the political department of the 114th Division of the 38th Army in Dingzhou, Hebei province.In the following years, brother Zong qing served as director of propaganda in the political Department of the 38th Group Army, head of the 83rd and 205th Divisions of the 28th Group Army, director of the political Department of the 38th Group Army, and deputy political Commissator of the Hebei Military Region. Sister GUI Qiong lived in the ancient city of Baoding.She successively worked in Dingzhou City library, Baoding District Committee propaganda Department and cultural bureau, is in Baoding city federation of Literary and Art party secretary, chairman retired.It has been many years since I saw brother Zong Qing and sister GUI Qiong. I never expected to see them again in such a situation!Elder brother Zong Qing wrote a “eulogy” for his beloved wife, the summary is as follows: beloved wife Li Guiqiong, nickname Li 奀 son.Born poor, 5 years old to go to school, good at liberal arts, young age is to rely on summer and winter jobs to maintain education.I graduated from middle school and taught every year.She and I got married after eight years of love. She had been separated from each other for a long time. She worked hard and took care of the elderly of our two families in addition to teaching.At home, she is a filial daughter, a good wife and a good mother. She treats her elders sincerely, takes care of them and cares for them until she dies in retirement.We married nearly 50 years, respect each other, affection if long, fly side by side, stand together through thick and thick, give me as always on the work support, ideological help, life care, family cooking, is my good wife.He is very fond of his son and considerate of his daughter-in-law, helping them become “double doctors”.After having granddaughter, grandson, take care of carefully, teach them to recite poetry, read, learn to calculate, take pains, scene touching.He is famous for his generosity and help to relatives and friends around him.She’s a desperate worker out there.Has been rated as outstanding Communist party member, March eighth red flag bearer, for 8 consecutive years by the unit as outstanding cadres, has been the city tree as “outstanding public servant of the people”.She worked hard in her youth, hard work in her youth and hard work in her old age.She has a quick mind, unique insights, a good command of Chinese and excellent writing style.She is fluent in Both English and Russian and holds a master’s degree in classics from Hebei University.She respects the superior, loves the colleague, the subordinate, helps the weak, considerate care everywhere, understands others.She had been living for the cause, for others, but not for herself!If we can sum up her life in one sentence, that is: if the medal is star, love is like jade toad.Baoding municipal Party committee propaganda department and Baoding City literary federation in the “Life of Comrade Li Guiqiong” wrote: “Comrade Li Guiqiong transferred to Hebei province in the early 1980s, has been engaged in propaganda and cultural work, conscientious, selfless work, diligent and honest, has always maintained a communist party member of the political nature and the people’s public servant nature.During his tenure as deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Culture and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, he was rated as “Excellent” for 8 consecutive years, “Excellent Party Member” and “Advanced Worker” for many times, and won the third-class merit award.He was awarded the honorary title of “Outstanding Public Servant of the People” in the fight against SARS, and was the only female cadre in the city to win this honor.During a city federation of party secretary, chairman, organization convened the first Wen Daihui, baoding city, transition completed each artist association, drafting and introduced incentives for the cultural products creation, the end of the federation of organs no office premises, no official cars for many years of history, has trained a large number of literature and art talent, made important contributions to literature and art work of baoding city,For the prosperity and development of the city’s literary cause to create pioneering achievements.She carries forward the fine tradition all her life, works diligently and thriftily, advocates both virtue and art all her life, and is respected by people. She is a good cadre who opens up a new situation of work, a good Party member who serves the people wholeheartedly, and a good public servant who is diligent and pragmatic based on their own duties.Her excellent qualities and noble sentiments are worth our learning forever, and she will live in our hearts forever!”Life is a miracle, time is always passing.To be able to do something useful for the world in our limited time is a reflection of the value of life.For a man who has worked in one place for decades, it is gratifying to receive such an excellent evaluation.Military wife Li Guiqiong is a good man, good officer, excellent propaganda culture workers.She is the epitome and model representative of millions of military wives.When she was ill early last year, GUI sent a message to one of her friends, saying, Only by taking good care of your health can you live out your old age.Mankind cannot escape the ambush of disease.People like me, who have never lived in a hospital in my whole life, were suddenly diagnosed with cancer before the Spring Festival. After being hospitalized, they put on stents, did puncture and began a long chemotherapy.Enough suffering.The body of this’ 1 ‘down, behind no amount of’ 0 ‘are equal to 0 ah!”Now, a love life, love family, love career military wife Li Guiqiong, finally failed to resist the attack of the disease, reluctantly to go.I can only put my hands together, silently wish her: all the way good!Hurry in Beijing zhixingzhai