“Red figure” protects production safety

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The Spring Festival is a day for family reunion, but there are always some people who choose to stick to the finished product workshop of Xinjiang Xinye Energy and Chemical Co., LTD. Yang Wenguang’s Spring Festival is spent on the post……Yang Wenguang has been working in Xinjiang Xinye Energy & Chemical Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Xinye Energy & Chemical) for 6 years. He spent 5 Spring Festivals at his post.Yang wenguang often thinks of his friends and relatives in his hometown. What makes him happy is that his parents came to Xinjiang to accompany him during the Spring Festival.”My job is to stick to the LNG loading station. Natural gas is a chemical product that protects people’s livelihood. We can load one car every day to ensure the operation of 40-50 cars outside.So, my pay is worth it, hard I one, happiness.”Although the post is very ordinary, but Yang Wenguang has their own reasons to adhere to.In xinye nenghua, there are many employees like Yang Wenguang, with their own adherence to help thousands of families reunite;With their own light, warm the lights.In recent years, Xinye energy has optimized performance appraisal management, played the incentive role of salary, and stimulated the production enthusiasm of employees.In 2021, the economic benefit of new industry energy has made a new breakthrough, with the operating revenue of 2.852 billion yuan and the total profit of 513 million yuan. Correspondingly, employees’ income has increased significantly and their happiness has been further improved.In order to ensure the people’s livelihood during the Spring Festival, the company also carried out large class competition activities, fully mobilize the production enthusiasm of front-line employees.Wei Jian, an employee of the purification workshop, has been working in Xinye Energy chemical for 6 years. His monthly post salary is more than 6000 yuan, in addition to the corresponding benefit salary.At present, Wei Jian has bought a house in Wujiaqua city, became a family, and led a prosperous life.When asked about his wishes for 2022, Wei said excitedly: “My New Year’s resolution for 2022 is to wish xinye Nenghua a better future, to wish my family good health and to further improve my work.”Ma Jinrong, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Xinjiang Xinye Energy & Chemical Co., LTD., introduced that during the Spring Festival, 99% of the employees of the company stick to their posts, love their jobs and work hard to ensure people’s livelihood and promote the high-quality development of the company.In 2022, Xinye Energy will continue to drive the radiation, extend the chain, strengthen the chain, create new materials strategic emerging industrial base, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20th victory held!All media reporter: Kong Yong, Zhang Xinhui, Xi Peng, Editor: Bao Fei, Responsible editor: Kong Dehua, Li Ying, Deputy chief supervisor: Li Xinwen, Chief supervisor: Fang Ying, email: 2172413502@qq.com, hotline: 0994 — 5805522