The Winter Olympics are so cold!The defending champion is out, gu Ailing has one less rival for gold

2022-07-18 0 By

On February 14, Beijing time, the Olympic Winter Games women’s slopestyle qualification, the defending champion, Switzerland’s Sarah Hefflin surprise exit, which means, Gu Ailing, one less rival for gold.However, Gu Ailing’s opponents are still many, including Siirdaru, Tess Ludde and other people, the peak of the showdown came.Sarah Heflin, 31, came into Beijing as a gold medal favorite after winning the freestyle ski slopestyle event in Pyeongchang.In the first round of the match, Heflin was steady in the first few moves, but finally landed, scoring only 35.38 points!In the second round, Heflin made a mistake in the first prop area, scoring 48.96.So Heflin is definitely not in the top 12, and the defending champion is out!Gu made a mistake in the first round and performed well in the second round. After entering the platform area, Gu did a front flip of 900 catch board followed by 720 left turn. Finally, she landed on the ground with a stable score of 79.38.After the match, Gu started eating shao Bing and announced on social media that she was in the final.At 9:30 am on February 15, Beijing time, women’s slopestyle final will start, when Gu Ailing can get personal 2 gold, attention.Of course, Gu still has many opponents, starting with Siirdaru, who scored more than 80 points in both rounds of the qualifying round, 80.96 in the first round and 86.15 in the second.Norway’s Joanie Killy also scored over 80 in both rounds, 81.48 in the first round and 86.00 in the second.France’s Tess Ludd is not to be underestimated either, as she made it through the second round with 68.13!No surprise, the women’s slopestyle gold medal, Gu Ailing, Siirdaru, Johane Keeley and Tess Lade, there is no doubt that the summit is coming.Earlier in the platform event, France’s Tess Ludd took silver with 187.50 points, and her gold medal seemed assured.But gu’s final jump was a surprise, scoring 94.50 points. Gu’s total score of 188.25 was just 0.75 points better than Tess Rudd.