The national computer rank examination starts to register on March 2!Pay attention to this too!

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The 64th National Computer Rank Examination (NCRE) in March 2022 will be held from Saturday, March 26 to Sunday, March 27, according to the Municipal Education Examination Institute. Candidates should register from 10:00 on Wednesday, March 2 to 16:00 on Saturday, March 5.According to the latest COVID-19 prevention and control requirements, all candidates are required to take novel coronavirus nucleic acid test in The city within 48 hours before the test, and must present a negative nucleic acid test report issued by the city on the test day before entering the test center.Candidates must register before 10:00, March 2 (Wednesday) to 16:00, March 5 (Saturday). If the registration is out of date, it will not be accepted.Candidates can visit the unified registration website (education network:;Public network:;), select “Shanghai” to enter the login page, complete the account registration, information filling, photo uploading, payment and other online reporting steps as prompted.If you log in to the system for the first time, you need to register and obtain the login pass. If you have a pass account, you can directly log in and register.The registration fee for each subject is 105 yuan.According to the current epidemic prevention requirements and the actual situation of the test centers, most of the test centers in this city only accept the enrollment of students in the school, and the enrollment of students in the schools that have set up test centers in the school;There are no test centers and social candidates choose to register for the test centers that “accept students not enrolled in the school”.For details, please refer to the Information List of test centers in March 2022.Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most university test centers are still closed and do not accept candidates from the general public.There are altogether 5 test sites open to the public. There are only a few test places and subjects. If you have test needs, please complete the registration and payment as soon as possible.Candidates can choose the intended test date during the registration period (the test venue is limited to two days). The intended test date can only be arranged as much as possible. If the test date cannot be met, candidates must understand and obey the random allocation of test time, and it will not be regarded as the reason for refund.According to the latest epidemic prevention and control requirements, all candidates are required to take a Novel Coronavirus nucleic acid test in The city within 48 hours before the test, and must present a negative nucleic acid test report issued by the city on the test day before entering the test center.In order to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work during the examination period, candidates are required to take daily personal protection and epidemic prevention measures: Candidates are required to strictly follow the requirements of the local government regarding travel, quarantine, detection and other epidemic prevention measures.Before the test, we should try our best to reduce outdoor activities and avoid going to non-low-risk areas and crowded public places.Candidates must monitor their own health.From the 14th day before the test, fill in the personal physical condition, do a good job of personal health monitoring, fill in the “Health Status Statement and temperature Self-monitoring Registration Form” (see ↓, candidates can download and print from the registration system).3. Candidates who are confirmed COVID-19 cases, asymptomatic infected persons, suspected patients, close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases, patients who have been cured for less than 14 days, or patients with fever who cannot rule out the possibility of infection are not allowed to take the test.Those who are found to have activities abroad or in non-low-risk areas within 14 days before the test are not allowed to participate in the test.4. According to the Ministry of Education test center and epidemic prevention requirements, students entered the examination site to test staff jiaoyan valid identity documents and print your admission ticket and submit the paper in the health declaration and self-monitoring temperature registration form “(each test piece), by mobile phone show me the update” as “code”, “communication data travel card” display are no exception,”Two cards, a table, a code, a card, a report” must be verified through face recognition authentication, in order to enter the test site.Candidates are required to wear a mask when entering the test center, but it cannot affect the identification of the test center.After entering the examination room, candidates can decide whether to continue to wear masks;Candidates in alternate isolation seats should wear masks at all times.5. Candidates are required to have their body temperature measured when entering the test site on the test day. Candidates whose body temperature is ≥37.3℃ twice are not allowed to take the test.6. Candidates should consciously implement the above regulations and truthfully report their physical conditions and travel conditions. If there is any concealment or serious consequences, candidates will bear the corresponding responsibilities.7. The specific requirements and measures for epidemic prevention may be adjusted according to the epidemic situation in The city. Please pay close attention to the announcements issued by the Municipal Education Examination Institute.1. The photo must be the candidate’s recent full-frontal bareheaded color ID photo.2. The upper and lower parts of the imaging area are required to be 1/10 of the head, 7/10 of the head, 1/5 of the shoulder, and 1/10 of the left and right sides.The minimum size of the image collected is 192×144 (H × W), and the size of the imaging area is 48mm×33mm (H × W).3. Photo size: 20KB-200KB.Candidates can log in to the unified website within the specified time (education network: public network:;), select “Shanghai” entrance to download and print the admission ticket;Such as printing problems can consult the register point.// Notes //1. Candidates must fill in the information carefully and be responsible for the online registration information and photo format. The photo uploaded is the photo of the admission ticket.2. Candidates must complete the registration from login to payment within one hour, otherwise the system will automatically delete the registration information.3. Candidates should carefully read the “Instructions to Candidates for NATIONAL Computer Rank Examination” (see below ↓) and test site information, so as not to affect the registration and test.4. From September 2022, add level 2 openGauss database programming (subject code 68).5. In 2022, the exams of Linux Application and Development Technology level iii and Linux Application and Development Engineer level IV will be suspended.Those who have passed the Level 4 Linux exam in the second half of 2021 will retain their scores until March 2023.6. The 2022 syllabus and course catalogue can be found on the China Education Examinations Website.Material: Shanghai release editing | xiao-yan he (trainee) coordinating editor | xiao-yan he (trainee)